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  • Iraqi Army weapons

    Any of the resident gun mavens know what kind of fire arms were used by the Iraqi Army? I'm particularly interested in hand guns. Any help would be appreciated.

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      When I was there in 1998, most of the weapons I saw were Russian made. I got clsoe enough to see what looked like a couple Baretta clones. Most looked like makarovs, maybe a coupel varyags ( bears a resemblanve to the taurus line of guns)

      I few Ak-47s, but most of them were carrying another type of assult Rilfe I've seen before but the name currently escapes me. Also saw a number of Mistubishi truck equipped with twin 30 cal or a single 50 cal mounted in the box on a swivel that allowed it to shoot over the cab.
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        Many thanks to both of you. The article in particular helps a great deal.


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          For useful websites about firearms/weapons/etc;

          see: .

          From what I know(I left active duty in 1993), most of the Iraqi forces used USSR and/or Warsaw Pact type weapons. Recent media items say the Glock 9mm 19 and 17 models are issued and/or used by Iraqi units. See Janes Defence Weekly too for more research on this subject.

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            I was going to answer here, but that article does a wonderful job of answering.

            You should check with Leo. He may be able to send you some of his Iraqi weapons as demo models.