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    I hear you! If I were using it, I'd just make sure doing what Centos does was part of my routine.


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      Backing up to Fountain is an excellent way to make sure that your file does not become unusable. You can perform Fountain import/export with Trelby (free) and Fade In (commercial but not expensive).

      I do not know whether Final Draft 11 added Fountain import/export (I seriously doubt it). However, with Final Draft 10, which I have, you can export your script as "Text with Layout" to obtain a usable text file. You should specify "with Layout" or you will get an unformatted stream of text. You should do this with Final Draft scripts from time to time. The text file will import back into Final Draft in case you ever need to do that.

      You can also import such a text file into Fade In by using the option File > Import > Formatted text. Fade In strips out the hard returns at the end of lines and formats everything just great.

      By the way, about Trelby ... Saving to Fountain is the best thing to do, but be aware that you can open a Trelby script with a text editor to salvage your text, if it should ever come to that. Trelby script lines have various codes at the beginning of each line, so things look a bit garbage-like, but it is really not so bad. I used about ten search-and-replace commands to strip out the codes and simultaneously add some blank lines to create a nicely cleaned-up "formatted text" document. Fade In opened my tweaked file just fine. I am sure that Final Draft would do the same.

      Also about Trelby ... Remember how I said that if you import a Fountain script into Trelby, the program at least changes your non-supported em-dashes into two typewriter hyphens (--)? Well, I discovered that it works like that only if the Fountain script is encoded in UTF-8 format (or probably with any Unicode format). But if the Fountain script is in standard ASCII/ANSI Windows format, the em-dashes are replaced with blanks. Text editors like Notepad++ can easily convert the encoding for you (from Windows to UTF-8) with two or three mouse clicks. All of this is really very simple stuff, but if you do not have some nerd genes in you, your eyes probably glazed over just now, I know. I just wanted to correct what I had said in an earlier post.

      "The fact that you have seen professionals write poorly is no reason for you to imitate them." - ComicBent.


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        Just a friendly statement to any of you who have said here that you have never had a problem with Final Draft:

        Today I received yet another request for help from someone whose Final Draft .fdx file had become corrupted. Somehow his email got sent to my spam folder. I will write back to him and apologize for my delay in answering him.

        He sent me the file. It was the usual file that Final Draft will not open, and when you open it with a text editor, you see nothing but NUL NUL NUL, etc., on every line. With a normal .fdx file you can open it with a text editor and see xml code with the text of your script there. These corrupted files are never recoverable. You really need to make backup copies to Plain Text with Layout or to PDF or something that is not Final Draft. There is a FD automatic backup folder that may contain a previous version. Lots of people do not even know that the folder exists. One time someone told me that those files were also corrupt. People never provide me with complete information about what they have looked for and have done, so I never really know anything except that the file is gone.

        EDIT TO ADD: In looking for the email that had gone to my spam folder, I found another email from someone else (not in spam) that came about the same time. Same problem with corrupt .fdx files. So that is two pleas for help in the same month.

        If you do have a problem, check your automatic backup immediately. In version 10 (Windows OS) it is here:

        C:\Users\(YourName)\AppData\Roaming\Final Draft\Final Draft 10\Backup\
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        "The fact that you have seen professionals write poorly is no reason for you to imitate them." - ComicBent.


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            Yes, Windows is what I use, and I will always use it or Linux.

            An enormous amount of useful free software is available for Windows but not for the Mac. I have not had a Windows crash in years.

            As for the problem of corrupt .fdx files, I do not know whether they have any relation to an operating system. Unfortunately, people who report software problems of any kind rarely provide complete information, like operating system and version and program version.

            Happy writing! 🙂

            "The fact that you have seen professionals write poorly is no reason for you to imitate them." - ComicBent.