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  • Posting Scripts on The Tracking Board

    Hello, everybody. Quick question: If you sign on for a Tracking Boarding membership, can you post. your own scripts or does a rep have to do it? If you can, do you think it's worth it?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.
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    if you mean tracking boards like trackingb com or the tracking board -- no those are specs reps (managers or agents) have taken out. So no writers can't add their own scripts to it...


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      No a writer cannot post their script. It must be done by a legitimate rep. But you realize this isn't a "real" tracking board right? Like the ones a studio would use? This, like TrackingB, are really about reps getting the spread the word about their client's scripts going out. It's sort of like vanity plates, from what I understand. The internal tracking boards are not 'shared" on a public forum. That's what my old manager/producer told me.
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        Thanks to both of you. Someone was trying to encourage me to pay for the coverage but I believe I'm going to be giving this a hard pass.


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          Some years ago I'd have considered it and might still. A woman from my old writers group who is a produced feature writer (I also have one) did their contest and she had major representation (at least when we were in the group). Encouraging is different from sales pressure. So check out how recent scirpts that made the grade there have done in the marketplace. Bono and FInal are correct from my understanding, though I keep my membership to read occasional scripts on the marketplace to see what's going around (though that's become extremely constricted last few years).