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    JoeNYC's post brought up an issue that's been bugging me for a while. But first, I just want to thank him for the post -- I found it helpful.

    He, like many others, has posted his scripts on to share with the public. Ever being the cautious one, I always check with, a reputable virus checker site, to make sure the address I have is safe before I go to it.

    But everytime I plug in, it always detects a virus or two. So this has prevented me from accessing many scripts on the site that I would have loved to look at. Members from other forums have posted their scripts on this same site and I'm sure many have accessed scripts from this site.

    Am I missing something/being too cautious? Would appreciate feedback from you techies out there. Thanks.

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    That is almost surely related to a few individual accounts of out gazillions which might have some bad files on there. I use Google Drive which millions upon millions upon millions of others do too. There is no overall problem with Google. They are fine as a site. And I've never had a problem.

    I would strongly suggest not visiting someone's link if you don't know them or trust them. People you know should be fine.

    Do try to run some kind of anti-virus & internet protection/cybersecurity software on your computer if you can. I don't feel that is ever being overly cautious to do that.
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      Like my credit card getting stolen without me losing it to some data breach, I pretty much gave up worrying about virus stuff 20 years ago. I use Apple and at one point it was better than PC at that stuff, but who knows?

      I always assume the place most likely to have a virus is the virus checker website itself.

      Joe's spec won't infect your computer, but it might infect your heart with the gift of laughter.

      I feel the same way when people worry about the government tracking their movements while at the same time using social media and telling the entire world where they are, what they ate, etc.

      Just go crazy and click on links if the person has been a member here for a long time.


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        Others have answered. I checked with urlvoid and with virustotal. Each reported malicious activity; virustotal only had a warning from one of over ninety anti-malware checkers, and that was for phishing activity.

        I would just download any file from what appears to be a trusted source and then check the file with

        Yes, you ought to have anti-malware software on your computer, as I am sure you do.

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          Thanks ComicBent, et al. I just know that many have downloaded scripts from and at least one of them would've posted a virus notice if they encountered one. It's just that having gone through a virus infestation from a KNOWN SITE a while back... what a headache it was to finally get rid of the virus... that I get nervous when I see that a virus detection site detected something.