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  • Black Friday Deals

    I own this already. I love them. May buy another pair just as this is so cheap. I paid 159 and it was priced at 199 at the time.

    These have changed my life during the pandemic for the good as I go for walks with them and I thought I'd hate them, but the lack of cord during a walk is crazy how much better it is. And walks are my key to writing ideas like most of us.

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    I should have said I love black friday. It's fun to find deals and I like almost being killed trying to save 2 dollars on a DVD I can buy cheaper on Amazon. But I find it a very American experience!

    I always thought it would make a great movie. Still can be a comedy. Here is a horror comedy!


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      I love the way this news team describes this brawl in Bath and Body works -- sounds like a skit on SNL. "When things got crazy down the soap and lotion aisle..."

      Woman describes her video she shot of brawl at Scottsdale Bath & Body Works - YouTube


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        If anyone wants the software most of us have, but most people seem to hate -- it's on sale. 30%.

        I'm still using FD 11 and it works fine so I'll stick with that...