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  • Fade In 4.1.0 Update

    Fade In has moved from 4.0.19 to 4.1.0. I don't know if that is significant or not but it is what it is. Here are the release notes...


    • Added document password protection
    • Additional header/footer formatting using element text
    • Addressed a regression re: overlapping column text
    • More consistent deletion of empty elements
    • Added a prefs check for weirdly saved last_set_timer
    • Improved Courier Screenplay embedding in other applications
    • Better mouse drag behavior in viewer
    • Import Characters/Locations/Other lists from an existing document
    • Some Scene Heading tags weren’t showing up in the Tagging Report
    • Additional Preferences toggles available for shortcut keys
    • Mac - Fixed a possible ruler crash in native full-screen mode
    • Linux - Workaround for a sporadic click-and-drag freeze
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    Hi All, just revisited a couple of old, old ideas and discovered they are in an older form of FI. Not sure how many are in this state but don't want to risk losing any (and I have 160+ FI files in this folder) . Is there any way to mass open, update and save? Thanks in advance!
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      I doubt that you can "mass open and save" all the files. However, you can open the old files just as you would normally open a file. A file will open with a slightly changed filename. Instead of the old name (like "RiverOfEyes"), the file will be called "RiverOfEyes-updated". The old file is not deleted. You can then save the "updated" file under whatever name you want. You can even overwrite the old file.

      I have updated files many, many times. You will not lose anything. 🙂

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