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    I was just wondering if someone could tell me what the best script writing software is.

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    Final Draft in my opinion


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      Ok, what about the best "free" software. I'm not paying $250 dollars.


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        Re: Free


        You can supposedly get FD for 169 USD from the link above.
        (No I don't work for them!)
        And I'd second that it's the best software for the job.



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          Re: Free

          The best writing software is MS Word. For novels, screenplays, poems, whatever...

          But you have to know how to use it. You have to know how to create styles and develop a template if you want to use it for scripts.

          Or you have to request it from someone who has already created one. Like, say... me. I'll email it to you for free at your request.


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            Try Roughdraft



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              Re: software

              I will second Vynson on this. If you have Microsoft Word 97 or a later version, you already have an excellent screenwriting tool. But you have to use a template. I created a good one for Word 97, and there are others available for download on the Internet. Seriously, Word will do just fine.

              You can even use the "Document Map" feature under "View" to create a scene navigator, based on assigned outline levels of your paragraph styles.

              In particular, if you are new to screenwriting, you might want to use Word until you have tested your interest for a while.


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                Re: software

                The only advantage dedicated screenwriting has over Word is when it comes time to put your script into production. Then the production tools in Final Draft and Movie Magic make themselves useful. Otherwise, there's not a singe thing in either of them that you can't do in Word.

                If you don't feel like fiddling with templates or anything, Scriptwerx provides a set of templates and macros for Word that are really very good. I highly recommend them.


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                  Re: software

                  Reviews and links are in my links section at:



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                    Re: Free

                    I am also trying to start to write screenplays, tho the blank page is currently king! I have got (what I think) are good workable ideas, but don't know where to start. I've read a couple of books and given two of the ideas a treatment, but I find the idea of writing to no pattern quite daunting.

                    I would be very grateful if you would e-mail me your Word basis, as this may be the kick up the behind I need.

                    Any other helpful hints would be gratefully received.

                    Thanks in advance.



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                      Re: Free

                      My opinion:
                      If you got some good idea's, characters, scenarios etc. Then I think you should just write down a scene, not necessarily your first scene but a scene where you can get to grips with your character. You can then elaborate from there just as long as you have something on your page.


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                        hi body.
                        Me , i use the SOCPHOCLES program. you can download the demo. IT is a pretty good stuf, try it by yourself. PROB: I think that the web site is under construction, so maybe you'll have to wait a little. Good Luck.

                        You can contact me to [email protected].
                        i'll give you hint.

                        Ricky Fitts: I'm not obsessing. I'm just curious.8o