Windows XP vs. Final Draft 5.0 (roar!)



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  • Windows XP vs. Final Draft 5.0 (roar!)

    I just got a new laptop and installed 5.0 on it. No, I don't feel like paying almost F-ing full price AGAIN to "upgrade" to Final Draft 6.0.

    When I open 5.0, a new document (blank) comes up on screen. What I see is a grey background (??) and a line of dots running down the center of the page with the cursor blinking. I've uninstalled/reinstalled twice to the same result.

    Has this happened to anyone? Suggestions?

    pissed in Jersey

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    Hope this helps.
    This happened to me a long time ago and I don't remember all the details.

    On my new laptop, Final Draft did not load properly until after I installed a printer driver.

    Good luck.


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      Two Brad:

      You are my new Hero. That worked like a charm. Lord only knows why, but then again Final Draft 5.0 was one of the most bug-ridden pieces of software I've ever installed.

      Since you are my new hero, I'll offer you a read on one of your scripts, should you want it. People generally find my feedback pretty helpful.

      E-mail me if you want a read:

      [email protected]


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        I haven't had any problems with FD 5.0. I bought the 6.0 upgrade, but haven't bothered to install it yet because I haven't had any problems with 5.0.

        Anyone out there using 6.0 that can verify it's an improvement?



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          I like 6. The ability to save as a PDF file is nice.