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  • Powertracker: Worth it?

    Saw the Demo of it and was wondering if anyone else has it, good/bad?

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    I use it and I'm not unhappy with it, if that's an answer to your question.
    It's a good place to store all your projects, who you submitted them to, and any associated expenses.
    I think there is two versions. One with a contact data base and one without. I don't know if there are regular updates to the contact list. I'll have to check that out sometime.
    I thought there was a feature where you can send mass email query letters. Either I haven't found it yet or it doesn't exist.
    Every field is easy to update for you to add your own choices.


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      If you just want a data base for tracking submissions, you can create your own with MS Works or with a spreadsheet in Excell. There is also a handly little freeware program called SAMM. I think there's a link to it in my software links at www.thewriterslist.org


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        Deus: .. note ... your link didn't work.

        Rk: I have it and it works good for what it is intended to do. I got it as a door prize so I didn't buy it... but I would have once I had enough to keep it busy or I had trouble keeping up with the scritps I have written.

        as it is now 2 is not hard to keep up with...:lol


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          re: Mass Mailing Queries

          Was your only complaint about PowerTracker the inability to send mass email queries?

          I am currently developing a software utility which offers all the functionality of PowerTracker and more (minus the Contacts Database which is more worthwhile getting from the HCD as that is constantly updated).

          Anything else you disliked? I found the program very user-unfriendly. Have you tried "selling" a script using the program. Your submission information vanishes into PowerTracker oblivion. I reckon the only reason why it has sold is due to the Contacts Database, it really doesn't offer anything more than that SAMM program.


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            Re: re: Mass Mailing Queries

            The joys of using a cheap host for your site. The www.writerslist.org link should be working soon.

            SAMM is the name of the software that I used for a long time. It's free and works great.

            Here's the link: www.sandbaggers.8m.com/samm.htm


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              Samm looks really useful. I'm downloading it now.


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                Re: x

                WinSamm really does look good. And free!