Use a script writing program or not?????



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  • Use a script writing program or not?????

    I have final draft and have never installed it. I've been just going by hand. Is it better to use the program or just go by hand??? Are there any flaws in using those programs?

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    'Going by hand'?

    Try it and see. No-one else can guess what way of working you will like best.

    If by 'going by hand' you mean handwriting then, yeah fine... whatever works for you. And everybody is different. When you send your work off it'll have to be typed or printed but up till that point you can use a quill pen if you like. Never did Shakespeare any harm.


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      Final Draft

      I agree that as long as you are actually writing, you should do whatever works for you.

      The great thing about using a program is that the format is standard so if you decide to seek some feedback on your script it is easier to show the person who is reading it the courtesy (more often expectation) of proper format.

      I had Final Draft a few months before I installed it, figured it would make writing feel impersonal and I didn't want to have to spend hours figuring out how to use it. But I actually find it very user-friendly and truth be known, it has given me more confidence in my writing.

      As a newbie, the screenwriting structure can be intimidating in itself. Final Draft allows me to feel confident in my format so that I can concentrate all my effort into learning the craft.

      And I'm sure all screenwriting software can be seen as flawed depending on the preferences of the user. Some like Final Draft while others like MM2000 and so on.

      I'd say if you already have it, you might as well give it a shot. If you don't like it you can always sell it on Ebay and stock up on paper from the proceeds of your sale.


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        Re: Final Draft

        Using Final Draft saves me a lot time compared to hitting tab over and over in word. I worry less about format.


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          Also, if you write and format your script in a word processing program and then clean up your page breaks for submission, all those clean page breaks will disappear when you make revisions that either add or remove lines.

          In other words, you'll wind up having to go through your script page by page to clean up all those page breaks again.

          I've done it both ways, and this is one area where a screenwriting program really proves its worth.


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            Use it.

            There's alot of features that speed up the process. And formatting is exact.


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              Thanx guys. I'm gonna install it first thing in the morning.


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                Actually, NSight, not to be argumentative or anything, but if you create your styles carefully you don't have to manually insert any page breaks when writing scripts in a word processing program. All you have to do is make use of the 'keep with next' and 'keep lines together' options when setting up text styles. The document will properly paginate itself unless you've got some really long speeches that happen to occur at the bottoms of pages, but I avoid that trap by not writing long speeches to begin with!


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                  April is right.


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                    I use Word quite happily. A properly constructed template with different styles makes formatting automatic. No pagination problems. No hitting tab over and over.

                    But hey, whatever makes you comfortable. Just write.


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                      Re: Word

                      Vynson, why is it the only time you ever appear on DD is to defend the honor of your friend, Word?


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                        Re: Word

                        Yeah, why is that?


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                          Re: Word

                          Pencey... hey how's it going?

                          I'm all over DD. Look around. There is a pattern to my timing but it has nothing to do with Word. It has more to do with taking a break (procrastination when I should be writing). Pretty much like everyone else I suspect.

                          Still... you'd think Gates would fire me off a check once in a while.