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  • Merge / combine PDF documents

    I posted some of this info in another section of the forum and thought I'd post it here in the software section - easier to find.

    Do you need to combine 2 pdf documents?

    Such as (1) pdf output from your screenwriting program, plus (2) a custom title page you created with another program and then output to pdf?

    Are you on a PC or a Mac?

    I don't know nuttin' about no Apples, but I did find this in a Google search: Mac OS X v10.6: How to combine PDF documents using Preview. IOW, it appears to be a built-in function.

    If you're on a PC and interested in buying software to do this function, here's an article on variously-priced software (that is less expensive than Adobe's Acrobat Pro): PC World - 5 cheaper alternatives to Acrobat for PDF editing

    And here is a website I found that apparently will do the combining for you for free (as of today, anyway), though I can't vouch for it:

    As always, be careful what you download; and carefully watch any questions the install process asks you. When I'm looking for free software, I often use/trust and

    Otherwise, to find free and/or low-cost software to do this function, Google (without the quote marks): "pdf combine" or "pdf merge"

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    Re: Merge / combine PDF documents

    it's drag-and-drop in Preview on OSX. dead easy.


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      Re: Merge / combine PDF documents

      Nice link by Manchester.

      The linked page itself has an error. The PDF-XChange Editor has a link to the wrong company.

      You can just use Google to get Tracker Software, and you will find the PDF-XChange Editor. Or see my link below to the comparison chart.

      I use the highest-priced version from that company, and it is only $80. It really does just about everything that you would want to do. I have used it a number of times to perform OCR scans. The OCR works very well (at least, much, much better than OCR used to work). The only thing that it does not do (but do any of the programs do it?) is to convert PDF to a formatted text file. My experience has been that these programs just give you unformatted text, which is a bitch to deal with when you are doing file conversions.

      I recommend the PDF-XChange products. I have used them for four or five years. Here is a comparison chart for the products that they offer. I have also bought the two-year upgrade license on two occasions. It is cheap, and it entitles you to upgrades. (An upgrade is different from an update. Everyone will get free updates, which are patches, fixes, etc.).

      The free PrimoPDF that I always recommend for anyone wanting a free program is the free version that NitroPDF offers. Nitro is one of the programs discussed in the link that Manchester provided. I think that Nitro would also be a good choice.

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        Re: Merge / combine PDF documents

        For Windows I used PDFSam, before I purchased the full version of Adobe.

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          Re: Merge / combine PDF documents

          Originally posted by Wordsmithteer View Post
          For Windows I used PDFSam, before I purchased the full version of Adobe.

          Huh. That's a new one for me. Sweet.


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            Re: Merge / combine PDF documents

            I can vouch for this site. Zero problems with it.