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  • Stage 32?

    Just got the following from the folks at Page and wondered whether anyone here was a member of Stage 32.

    Worth joining or yet another waste of time??

    "While we wait for this year's results, I wanted to tell you about a terrific website called - the world's largest online social network for creative artists from all around the world. Best of all, it's completely free of charge to join!

    Just read the message below to find out more about all the great services and benefits offered at Stage 32, then click the link provided to fill out your free profile. I highly recommend it!

    Sincerely yours,

    Do you 32? is the world's largest social network and educational site dedicated to helping film, television and theater creatives from all over the world connect. And, it's free!
    With over a quarter million members from every country on the planet, Stage 32 is uniquely populated with the most creative people on Earth.

    Join - it's free!

    Stage 32 is has been called "LinkedIn meets Facebook for people who work in film, television or theater- by Yahoo! Entertainment. You can use Stage 32 to:
    - Find work and representation
    - Pitch your scripts and receive coverage from managers, producers and agents
    - Launch projects
    - Secure funding
    - Hone your craft through our Next Level Webinars, Classes and Labs with industry executives
    - Receive daily discounts on industry products and services
    - Join one of the 44,000 industry discussions in the Stage 32 lounge

    Join today!

    Inside Stage 32, The Stage 32 Happy Writers is specifically catered to our screenwriters and has helped over 130 writers land representation, sell or option their material, or place writers in television and film jobs.

    The Stage 32 Happy Writers has over 250 of the top managers, agents, producers and development executives who hear pitches through our unique service. Some executives working directly with us are from companies including Fox Searchlight, Paramount Insurge, Disney, Benderspink, Zero Gravity, Silent R, Caliber, Bold Films, WME, Panay Films, Tapestry Films, and many, many more. The Stage 32 Happy Writers breaks down the walls between "No unsolicited material" and success by putting YOU directly in front of the executive. You can read some of our many Success Stories and see testimonials from our clients and the executives over on the site here.

    So, go to and fill out your FREE profile. You'll be instantly connected with like-minded film, television, and theater creatives from around the world. Everyone from students to Emmy, Tony, and Academy Award winners are on Stage 32...are you?
    I look forward to networking with you.
    Richard "RB- Botto
    Founder & CEO
    Stage 32
    Click here to join!"
    "People who work in Hollywood are the ones who didn't quit." -- Lawrence Kasdan

    Please visit my website and blog:

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    Re: Stage 32?

    So far, I've found it to be yet another forum. The discourse is pretty civilized with an occasional drift towards spicy. The upside: it gathers many different film professions in one place, so if you're tired of looking at screenwriting threads you can easily jump to acting or directing or producing or a slew of others.

    Career mover? Perhaps for some, and perhaps if you pony up cash for the pitching opportunities they offer now and again. Their recent recruiting pushes may be diluting opportunity to network with effective movers & shakers. If you want to package your own script, this might be an interesting place to pull together a crew.

    You can sign up and lurk hassle-free.


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      Re: Stage 32?

      I accepted and signed up a month or two ago. Got a slew of connection requests and suggestions, accepted some and ignored some. So now I'm connected to a bunch of film-related folks from Australia, Europe, Africa, and here in the U.S.

      Haven't figured out what to do with that yet. But it's like LinkedIn -- who does know how to use it?

      You will get several emails from the site every day. Haven't figured out what to do with them yet, either. But WTH, so far it's not a time sink.


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        Re: Stage 32?

        They have some nice "targeted" contests per:

        ...which I'll be entering after getting "taken to the development woodshed" by the Screenplay Mechanic on my teen horror tome.


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          Re: Stage 32?

          I'm on it but haven't done anything with it so far. One of the problematic aspects seems to be the posting of your script on their site. Their contract for posting the script seems very one-sided. I emailed - twice - for clarification. Never got a reply.


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            Re: Stage 32?

            I'm bumping this thread up because I got another promo announcement for them from the PAGE today.

            Anyone have anything new to offer regarding this site?

            Thanks in advance!

            Late Night Writer


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              Re: Stage 32?

              I feel the same way as the previous posters. Feels like another forum and another way to waste time while online. I'll stick w/this place and the other social networks.


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                Re: Stage 32?

                As forums go, it's considerably more active than simply scripts or Moviebytes, both of which seem to be on life support.


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                  Re: Stage 32?

                  I think it's a great avenue for getting in front of executives. In the past two weeks, I've had my Nicholl Quarterfinalist script requested by Principato Young, APA and CAA. Those are doors I don't think I could open with a query letter.


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                    Re: Stage 32?

                    I've been a member of Stage 32 for a while and I cannot recommend it more. It might seem overwhelming at first, but it is the only site that I've found where you can make actually connections and collaborate with creatives. Plus, the lounge discussions aren't spammy and people genuinely help each other. I take a few of their webinars, and they are the best education for the price by far.

                    I think for those who aren't on it or haven't really used it, as the quote goes: You're either in or you're out. Even if you're half in, you're out.

                    Maybe the site isn't working for you because you're being passive, sitting back, and expecting things to happen without putting yourself out there? Just a guess.


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                      Re: Stage 32?

                      Yeah I'm not tripping, but it's a tool.

                      Has anyone found success through their coverage system? They have one of those things where they send out your logline out to 30 companies if you get a Consider or higher.

                      They also have a pitch service but you can pitch a lot of those same people on Virtual Pitchfest for like 30 less bucks. Thanks in advance, guys.


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                        Re: Stage 32?

                        Joined a few days ago. Watch the two hour intro by RB. I like it so far. Format's nice.

                        Got to tweet with the founder RB at Sunday night's scriptchat. It sounds like their members have had good success.

                        If anyone wants to connect you can find me @Lisa Molusis on the site. What i really like is that there are so many various creatives on the same site. A couple od DPs have invited me into their network.
                        "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist,- Pablo Picasso


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                          Re: Stage 32?

                          I just got around to uploading the headshot, I'll do everything else tomorrow. I can't attest to how useful it might be but it seems like a nice site.


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                            Re: Stage 32?

                            not for nothing. But if anyone wants to add me, to their Stage32.




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                              Re: Stage 32?

                              I'm been perusing it for a few days, participating in a couple of threads.

                              My big concern is that a large part of the whole thing seems to be geared towards their pay-to-pitch business. One case was asking for $45 for one pitch ... and the guy who runs that part of the site was suggesting that someone who had just finished his FIRST pilot that he use their pay-to-pitch service.

                              I found that downright appalling. Quite frankly, it casts a shadow over the whole site. It makes me wonder about their business model and motivations.