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    Hey Everyone,

    I used to frequent DD years back. I'm a WGA screenwriter and director with two produced features. My independent film In Memorium was just named #22 of August's top 50 movie titles on Amazon Video Direct.

    I know there are some amazing and trusted feedback services on this board.

    I wanted to throw my hat into the ring and offer feature script feedback, this and next week, for as many people as I can accommodate.

    I'm giving an introductory rate of $100 for a script under 110 pgs (standard format.) This includes detailed page notes throughout the entire body of the script and a separate script analysis with suggestions on structure, character, theme, world, tone, logic (or any combination thereof that I think will benefit from improvement.)

    This won't be full or standard coverage with synopsis/loglines and I won't be proofreading (unless a typo pops out.) Expect, at minimum, a full page of practical, targeted story/character feedback, which I have a ton of experience attacking.

    Because I've had two produced scripts, both of which I directed and one of which I produced, I can also be helpful on the logistical front: If you're a filmmaker looking for broad budgetary or logistical suggestions to minimize costs (with respect to set-pieces, world, etc) or if you're a writer looking to pare down a 120 page script, let me know and I'll direct/notate my thoughts accordingly.

    As a writer, I totally understand the financial challenges of paying for feedback, so I want you to be certain that I'm a fit for you. I specialize in thriller, elevated horror, sci-fi, and action with grounded characters. I write both big-world visual scripts, and conversely, I'm extremely experienced at contained/micro-budget features.

    So… if you've written a comedy feature, while I can give you extensive notes on structure, character, theme, world, etc -- it's not my primary genre from a tonal perspective and there may be someone else more suited to offer you feedback. Likewise, if you've written a TV spec, I can give you strong notes on character, tone and execution, but I'm not equally versed in the macro/micro arcs from TV pilot through series.

    My IMDB page:

    My films on Amazon:

    If you're interested, PM me with: your page count (if your script is longer than 110 pgs, the price will increase by $1 per page. I'm not giving notes on shorts now, but that may change,) your email, and whether there's anything specific you'd like me to target or if you just want an overall analysis. I'll email you my release form, estimated start date, estimated turnaround time (1-2 days from the start date,) and Paypal purchase link.

    I have no idea what the interest level will be, but I wanted to start with an affordable rate. If this works out with my time/availability, and if people are happy with the results, I'll adjust prices accordingly.

    Thanks so much for your time and all the best with your projects.

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    Re: Feature script feedback from WGA writer

    Hi All,

    I'm still open for script feedback/analysis and I'm adding a quick and dirty offer:

    In exchange for posting an honest review of my services in this thread, the first two PMs I get by end-of-day Tuesday (with completed scripts under 120 pp) will receive FREE feedback/analysis from me -- completed by this Friday. (Will still need you to sign a release, for my own diligence/peace of mind.)

    This offer expires at California sunrise on Wednesday -- or once I have two takers -- whichever is first!


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      Re: Feature script feedback from WGA writer

      Hey Folks!

      Got room to lock in one more before tomorrow!



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        Re: Feature script feedback from WGA writer

        Hi All,

        The Freebie slots are officially filled! Thank you so much for your interest.

        I will continue to offer the above rate for the remainder of the month, with a 1-2 business day turnaround. In the event that the turnaround will take longer, (due to prior bookings) I'll let you know my next available "due-date" before you make your purchase.

        If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to post them here!


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          Re: Feature script feedback from WGA writer

          I was one of the lucky ducks who used Amanda for script feedback. I sent her a sci-fi spec I've been working on.

          Very insightful analysis - most notably on structure, which was a concern since I'd recently done a major job of shifting storylines around. Some excellent suggestions were given which will certainly help get the script leaner. In fact, one particular piece of feedback has already led me to being able to cut a bit of exposition that was driving me crazy, but I wasn't sure if I could get around it. Now I can.

          All in all, she was very helpful in confirming places where I wondered if I had problems, and extremely helpful for other areas in providing that mental push which helps you to look at the problem from a different angle.

          I'd definitely recommend her, especially if you're struggling with a script and/or trying to figure out if you have extra pieces to the puzzle that may not fit or be needed.
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            Re: Feature script feedback from WGA writer

            When you send your script off for feedback/analysis you're hoping for notes that are specific and actionable. The notes I got from Amanda Gusack were that.
            The notes were thorough -- it was obvious she carefully read all 102 pages of my period action-adventure. Her analysis and comments ran more than 1,400 words. It was a lot of stuff.
            It seemed like she generally dug the script, so there wasn't much about format, structure and other basics. There was a lot of "what if" in an effort to elevate the script. It was much like spitballing things from the other side of the table in a coffee shop. Not trying to get you to write another movie, but trying to get you to write a better version of your movie.
            I don't know how much of the "what if" I will implement, but it was all food for thought, as they say.
            But, wait. There's more...
            The analysis also includes comments inserted into the PDF of the script. Those comments included stuff like: Slightly confusing imagery. I know you know what you mean. Bumped me a bit.
            That sort of thing I find incredibly helpful. If you know exactly where to smooth out bumps in the reader, your script is going to be better.
            The PDF comments also included stuff like: Good stroke. Nice scene. and Great suspense at the open of this scene. Great imagery with the birds. Again, knowing exactly what works is helpful. And "attaboys" are more powerful when they are specific.
            I've used Titan Creed several times and his notes are good, and a smoking deal. I've used Script Mechanic many times and value his insights -- and not just because he named one of my scripts to "THE LUGNUT LIST."
            Amanda's feedback is in the same league. If those guys are booked, or if you're just looking for a different point of view, Amanda will deliver value.
            Again, notes that are specific and actionable are hard to come by if you live in the boonies like I do. Amanda can help.


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              Re: Feature script feedback from WGA writer

              I think we can also safely conclude Clint is the better writer.


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                Re: Feature script feedback from WGA writer

                Originally posted by DangoForth View Post
                I think we can also safely conclude Clint is the better writer.
                Not likely.


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                  Re: Feature script feedback from WGA writer

                  Thank you so much, ClintW3 and DangoForth, for taking the time to review your experience in such detail! As I told you, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your scripts, and I'm so happy that you found the notes helpful.

                  I really appreciate you jumping in with your material -- thanks again!


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                    ACT BREAKDOWN.COM: Feature script feedback from WGA writer

                    Hi All,

                    My official website for script developments notes is up:

                    You can find my prices, services, and a contact-link there.

                    I've created price-points to allow people to test the waters at a low cost, while still receiving detailed feedback on crucial script areas. I genuinely hope you find it helpful.

                    I will continue to offer the $100 introductory rate on a full-script read on Done Deal until November 1st. Even if you schedule your actual read for a week or two later, as long as you contact me before the 1st, I'll honor that price for you.

                    All the Best,

                    (P.S. In case anyone is wondering: I've never offered coverage services on these boards before )


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                      Re: - Script Notes and Analysis

                      Hi All!

                      For the month of December, I'm offering a free Skype call (up to one hour) to answer questions following a full-script analysis. If you're interested, PM me -- or go to for more info on my services.

                      (Note: Free Skype call is for a full-script reads only. )

                      Happy December!


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                        Re: - Script Notes and Analysis

                        For anyone following this thread (or anyone else) I just released the shooting script for my 2004 independent found footage horror film IN MEMORIUM. The script is free on Kindle through today, and free fodder for vetting me as an analyst.

                        I'm still offering a free half hour Skype session as a follow-up to any full script to read.

                        Thanks for taking a gander:




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                          Re: - Script Notes and Analysis

                          Hi Everyone!

                          I have a few sessions open in November and I would love to offer DD members a discounted feature read of $250. This includes a several-page-script-analysis and PDF page notes in your script margins.

                          The full details on this service are at

                          I also include a free 1/2 hour Skype session to discuss any follow-up questions you might have on your script notes.

                          Happy Writing and Happy Halloween!


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                            Re: - Script Notes and Analysis

                            Hi Everyone,

                            To celebrate the release of my second online screenwriting course, I'm offering feature script analysis for $200 (normally $300) on any reads booked through next week.

                            This includes PDF page notes on your ENTIRE script, as well as a multi-page-analysis on what can be improved and how.

                            Please note: I do not write a synopsis or standard coverage. Instead I focus on specific suggestions to elevate your rewrite - hero, concept, structure, plot points, theme, etc..

                            This offer goes through the end of March. If I have additional time, I may extend it.

                            To schedule a read, contact me through my website:

                            Thank you and Happy Writing!


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                              Re: - Script Notes and Analysis

                              Happy April Fools Day!

                              My $200 read offer has ended, but I've just posted a new one:

                              Purchase feature script analysis at regular price ($300) and receive lifetime access to my comprehensive screenwriting course for free (a $125 value).

                              *If you've already purchased this course (and it's past the refund period of 30 days) I'm happy to deduct $125 from one feature script analysis for the month of April.

                              For more info on the service, or to contact me directly, go to my website:

                              Happy Writing!
                              Amanda G.