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    Re: - Script Notes and Analysis

    Hi Done Dealers!

    For the next few weeks of summer, I'm offering an a la carte version of my services: a $200/script read, with detailed page notes, for feature scripts under 120 pages.

    As always, I spend 4-6 hours reading your material, noting EVERYTHING that bumps my read. This includes dense or overwritten action lines, mismatched tonal choices, bumpy dialogue, awkward structural choices, passive hero, confusing beats, long-winded or superfluous scenes, incorrect slugs or formatting, etc. While this doesn't officially include grammar or spelling proofing, if I see something I will note it.

    These page notes include analysis asides within the context of your script, for instance, "This may be too early to introduce this character: The reader will assume she's the hero, when she's only a secondary character. I suggest you move her introduction to follow your hero's intro."

    Because of the time-intensive nature of my notes, this price ONLY includes detailed margin notes of your entire PDF script.

    If you'd like an additional global summary/analysis, which ties in the notes after the read, and includes both general and specific recommendations for improving your draft, you can add that on for $100.

    As a thank-you for using my services (whether only page-notes or page-notes + analysis) I'll enroll you in my on-demand screenwriting class ($125 value, learn on your schedule) for free:

    If you're interested, or if you have any questions, email me: actbreakdown at gmail dot com.

    Thanks - and Happy Writing!

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      Free class ( - Analysis)

      Hope everyone is hanging in there and staying safe and healthy.

      I've changed the price of my class, "Screenwriting - Page 1 - How to Hook the Hollywood Reader- to FREE, for the immediate interim. If you sign up, you'll have lifetime access (under Udemy's terms).

      Hope you find it useful. Stay well,