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  • FadeInPro question

    I'm trying to add/insert a couple of lines between some already existing text. However, when I do it, it automatically pushes everything below it down a page.

    I've messed with the PageBreak setting, but it doesn't help.

    Any tips would be much appreciated.


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    Re: FadeInPro question

    I have worked with Fade In for a long time, and I know it very well. I know that this can be fixed. The question is why it is occurring. Just from your description, it is difficult to know for sure. Most likely, you have picked up a page break "invisible code" somewhere, maybe during a copy-and-paste operation.

    Use VIEW > SHOW INVISIBLES to display some codes.

    If you have a page break somewhere, you will see a thin gray line at that spot.

    Go to the next line after the page break. Put your cursor before the first character in that line.

    Use FORMAT > PAGE BREAK BEFORE to uncheck the page break.

    That should fix it. I tested this several times just now.

    You can turn off "Show Invisibles" the same way that you turned it on.

    If that does not work, you have the nuclear option.

    Nuclear Option

    Use the cursor to select the text in question (include a paragraph or two before and after the spot that is messed up).

    Paste the text into a text editor. The crappy Windows Notepad may be sufficient, but many free editors are available. I doubt that the page break will carry over, but if it does, you can use the text editor to delete the page break.

    Paste your text back into Fade In, and apply formatting as needed.

    If everything fails, send the document to me, and I will fix it.
    [email protected]

    Please let us know if you get it fixed.

    EDIT TO ADD: Here is where you can get the easy-to-install and easy-to-use Notepad2 text editor. It has no relation to the Windows Notepad.

    Developer's website

    My website
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      Re: FadeInPro question

      Hi Roland,

      It was the page-break thing. I used the "invisibles" and found and corrected it.

      Many thanks,


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        Re: FadeInPro question

        I don't know this program, but for most word processing types of apps you can work backwards: Put your cursor at the second page and press backspace to delete whatever mischief is there to cause the problem.

        In WinWord and other programs that let you 'protect paragraphs' from being broken, the solution is more complicated. But as with the 'reveal codes' and other-named types of functions, you have to work behind-the-scenes sometimes.


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          Re: FadeInPro question

          Yeah, I thought that a hidden page break would be the problem.

          Thank you for posting your follow-up here. I have helped people many times here, and then we never heard anything else.

          I have saved my post and the link to it in Done Deal Pro. This question may come up again.

          EDIT TO ADDRESS WHAT CATCON SAID: With Fade In you cannot backspace over or delete the page break in that way. You can delete some text that surrounds the break (the nuclear method), but then you have to put your text back in. Incidentally, I did not say this in my original instructions, but you do not have to place the cursor immediately after the page-break line (the very next character). You just have to put it somewhere in the paragraph.
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          "The fact that you have seen professionals write poorly is no reason for you to imitate them." - ComicBent.