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  • KIT Scenarist - now with Scene Number Locking

    Kit Scenarist 0.7.2, beta 8 has been released and has new features and fixes ...

    From the Announcement Section:

    What's under the hood?
    - added the ability to lock scene numbers;
    - added the ability to specify a custom number for the locked scene;
    - added the ability to specify the start number of scenes for the script in the section Research - Script;
    - setting the prefix of the scene numbers also moved to the script parameters in the Research and now displayed not only in export, but will also directly in the script editor;
    - also fixed the problem with the prefix of the scene numbers when exporting the script;
    - added the ability to specify a color for any research document, and the colors assigned to the characters are also displayed opposite their dialogues in the script editor;
    - the option of highlighting blocks now also takes into account the colors of scenes and replicas;
    - in the script, you can now set the color for several scenes selected in the navigator simultaneously;
    - improved automatic splitting of dialogues on page breaks;
    - fixed problems with saving words in the user dictionary of spelling check;
    - fixed the detected synchronization problems in the cloud service.

    I've installed it and tried it, but scene number locking feature is not something I would use. However, it's clear that KIT Scenarist is definitely in active development. I hope to give it a good test (and real review) soon (maybe after the next beta release?).
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    Re: KIT Scenarist - now with Scene Number Locking

    Hello, Centos. Thanks for your attention to the app. I think that the next beta will come at end of summer (if everything goes well). Big plans for this release, because it will be the last beta of the version 0.7.2. After it was released we will mostly fix bugs and polish it to the stable release.
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