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  • Distant writing partners

    My writing partner and I live in different states.

    Often right now when we brainstorm it's over email, text or Facebook messenger -- a combination of all 3 mixed in with other random conversations.

    There's got to be a good way to organize notes/ideas/etc.

    I think about teaching software like padlet where people can sign in. That's so far my best idea. Anyone have any better ideas for sharing ideas with a group or at least more than one person?

    I'm not so much talking about the writing as I'm talking about the ideas, brainstorming, note card / bulletin board stuff... Any recommendations would be helpful.

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    Re: Distant writing partners

    If you are doing things more like beat sheets, outlines, treatments or even just a list of ideas for scenes, dialogue, etc. you could easily use Google docs and collaborate that way. I write on my own, but I have used G docs for working on other things and it does pretty well.
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      Re: Distant writing partners

      You might want to look at WriterDuet.


      It's built for screenwriters who collaborate. I think it does everything you mention.

      I've used the Free version for around three years, but the Pro version does more for collaration.

      If I remember correctly, one partner can change the script while the other watches the changes, and it keeps track of all revisions.

      I'm just someone who uses it, occassionally. I don't have any relation to the company -- so as always -- buyer beware.
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        Re: Distant writing partners

        Thanks! I am happy MYSELF with FD or Google docs. Just looking for something that will work for both of us and won't have all the notes scrambled everywhere.
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          Re: Distant writing partners

          Some thoughts and notes ...

          Fade In has a collaboration (in real time) feature. I have never tried it out. Has anyone worked with it? I think that the real-time tool may be fairly new. Not sure, because the idea of working with somebody in real time does not appeal to me at all. But I would be interested to know whether others have worked collaboratively in real time and whether it was really productive (in any program, not just Fade In).

          I am the kind of guy who is going to work by himself. I have a hard time seeing real-time collaboration as anything but a gimmick.

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