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    Hi, everyone

    I recently got a script on the blacklist and noticed that there are a lot of scripts on there with zero ratings, even though it states you need at least two above community average to be on the list. Does anyone know if this is a new thing they are doing? These scripts all have agencies/directors listed with them. It seems like they are on the wrong list altogether. I wouldn't really care except they are all ahead of me on the list and my script has been pushed further down so kind of less visibility for paying scripts.
    I did drop a line to the black List about a week ago and didn't hear back yet, which is a bit unusual for them.


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    Re: Black list top lists

    This is my personal feeling but I would slowly start withdrawing attention from the Black List website altogether. You will know them by their fruits. How many years it's been? How many outsiders made their careers on it?

    I think the "AI analysing your script potential for only $100" was the swan song of this particular enterprise.


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      Re: Black list top lists

      hard to understand exactly what list you're describing here but when i put my pilot up a couple years ago, it received two 7s from the paid reviews, which wasn't quite enough to land in the Monday email to execs but it was higher than the average score for pilots at that time, which rated it as a "Featured Script" on the front page for all pilots. But that's on a rolling basis, as I recall, so eventually it got pushed off by other, newer pilots that also scored higher than the current average


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        Re: Black list top lists

        Know this is not answering your question (don't know the answer, but hopefully BL customer service will get back to you soon), but I'd have to agree with goldmund.

        I think the Black List online service has had several years to demonstrate its value. And this is what we've seen:

        *A few scattered press releases early in its run announcing rep signings and options
        *Announcements of the winners of its annual fellowships (essentially its own contests)

        This is out of tens of thousands of scripts that have been submitted.

        In terms of getting repped, I long ago determined it's pretty much like a lottery, with odds for getting an option/sale drastically lower. Of course, some say a low success rate just reflects how tough it is to get in the industry, but I think a lot of people were hoping that BL would make entry a little easier. So far, there's no proof.

        There could be proof, but we have absolutely no way of knowing because the BL does not invite users to share their success stories so they can be published. You know, the way Austin, PAGE, Launchpad, and TrackingB do:

        I'd feel better about how my money was spent if BL did this. I think most businesses realize that customers like a sense of return on investment, but it has always refused to do so.

        I know some would try to posit that it's valuable for script feedback, but based on the predominantly negative opinions I've seen on here over the years, I'd say money would be much better spent on trusted DDP analysts like the Screenplay Mechanic for that purpose.

        Of course, like any lottery, tons of people will come back to the site from time to time to see if they can get a winning ticket. After all, with gambling it's not about the ultimate outcome; it's about the feeling of hope you have while waiting for that very unlikely outcome to occur.

        There is one issue that the BL's not really responsible for. I think that reps like chasing writers who have received public recognition. For that reason, I think they place more stock in those who've been announced to the world as finalists and winners in competitions than those who are announced as highly-rated on a weekly basis in their inboxes. Any kind of exposure helps writers (and the BL is useful in that it operates year-round), but I get the strong sense that reps take contest results way more seriously, so it's probably best to focus your dollars on that.
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