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  • WriterSolo download version now free

    The people at WriterDuet have had another (non-collaborative) version of their software (WriterSolo) for about a year. I believe that, if you purchased it for (I think) $40 you could download an offline version.

    For whatever reason, when they upgraded WriterSolo to version 5, they decided to offer it free (or pay what you want). They also have the choice of a cleaner layout (which I like). Also, you no longer have to login to use it.

    Unfortunately, at this point, I'm unable to test the Linux version as (even though you can download an AppImage — which is supposed to work on any version of Linux — it's not yet working on any version of Linux I've tried). I think they know this as the one support person I wrote to was surprised that it was even available for download.

    But, I'm guessing, the Mac and Windows versions are working. I can't test it as it requires Windows 7 and above and the version of Windows I have on my laptop partition is Vista. On a Mac you'll need OSX 10.9 and above.

    To test WriterSolo you can either go to www.freescreenwriting.com or www.writersolo.com (as far as I can tell they're identical). I'm guessing they would prefer you used www.freescreenwriting.com so they can see how well their promotion is working. Once there you click on the "W" logo and you'll find a "Download Desktop App" link.

    I like the features WriterSolo offers (too many for what I need, actually) but all the overhead seems to make the online version a bit sluggish. That's why I'm curious to see how it works as an installable application.

    At any rate it might be worth testing. Those who were using Amazon Storywriter (deceased as of July 1st) might want to look into this as an alternative.

    When a working version of the Linux version becomes available I'll probably do a mini-review of it in this thread.

    EDIT: I realized I had Windows 8.1 on my other laptop (that my son is using) and tried WriterSolo on it. Seems to work pretty well in the short time I tried it.

    EDIT NUMBER 2 The folks at WriterDuet gave up on the AppImage version and just uploaded 32-bit and and 64-bit .deb packages (links from Reddit). I don't know if this is permanent or until the figure out how to get the AppImage to work. At any rate (since this isn't showing up on the WriterSolo site (yet) here's the links to the Linux versions:

    32-bit: https://media.writerduet.com/solo_ap...0.158-i386.deb
    64-bit: https://media.writerduet.com/solo_ap....158-amd64.deb

    You can still find the Windows and Mac versions on the freescreenwriting.com website.
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