Periodically I have something to say about making PDF files.

I want to alert new members, and remind old members here, that PDF files are quirky because the people who make PDF drivers sometimes create some crappy products.

In particular, I have found that the PDF driver that comes with Microsoft Word (or Windows, or whatever) really sucks bad. When you try to import a screenplay PDF into Fade In, you get gibberish.

Years ago I recommended the free PrimoPDF, and it is probably still a good driver.

But more recently I have been recommending the free version of Bullzip. It works very well. I have not encountered any problems with it when I have tested it.

Here is where you go to download it:

Bullzip download page

IMPORTANT: When you go that link, you have to scroll down to COMMUNITY EDITION and click the download link there.
(If you click the download link at the top of the page, you discover that you have been tricked. It links to the commercial version, which I guess is a trial version. Isn't capitalism wonderful when it devolves into its decadent stage?)
The free Community Edition has no watermarks or advertising and will be sufficient for most people.

Happy screenwriting and PDF-ing.