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    For those who are still using Trelby (like me) you might be wishing it was a little more modern and "prettier." Well, I've discovered, you can create any number of "themes" with Trelby. And it's really not that hard.

    Currently I've set up five "themes." The WriterDuet inspired one I've mentioned before (that's my default). A light theme, which is just basic Trelby white. A gray "theme," which is the same as "light," except I've used a light gray background instead of white (a little easier on my eyes) and something I call "plum" - which is just white text on purple (because I can ).

    But the one I like the best is called "color" because I found that each element could changed (and I've kind of gotten used to that when using Fountain-Mode under Emacs).

    At any rate, I've linked a short video showing the "themes" I've currently set up. These all use the Courier Screenplay font as default (for both display and PDF). If anyone wants more information about how to do this (or copies of the configuration files for the themes) I'll be happy to explain and/or upload the files to my Google Drive. They're very small text files and work both in Linux and Windows.
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