Sometimes, as writers or readers, we need to know some units of measure that are not standard or at least are not common in our culture.

I want to bring to your attention a really neat utility, Converber, which converts values from one unit to another. By the way, the name does not contain a typo; it is Converber, not Converter.

It is small, fast, attractive, and really simple to use. Unlike many programs that you find on the Internet, Converber is not something that somebody cobbled together and then abandoned. I first obtained it maybe a half dozen years ago. Then a couple of days ago I checked to see if an updated version was available. In fact, version 2.3.1 is very recent.

And, best of all, it is free.

So if you are reading a Russian novel, and you encounter distance expressed in terms of versts, you can use Converber to find out, quickly, that a verst is about 0.663 miles. So 1 mile would be about 1.5 versts.

Download this neat free utility (for Windows) and try it out.