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    Re: Final Draft v8 Issue Question

    Originally posted by Bono View Post
    Fade In or Final Draft both will get the job done. You can export and import into either and they will work fine. So many options these days, no way you can't find a file that you can give to someone else to make it "compatible" if there is any issue. But 99% of the time you're just sending people a PDF so it does not matter what the original writing program used was anyway... people write on Word.

    Fade In and Final Draft Upgrade to 11 are same price as far as I know. $79 bucks right?
    Since Mike hasn’t come back to respond, he probably did what he said he would do. He sounded like he made his mind up on the decision to buy everything.

    His words: “Thanks for advising about Fade In, but I need to stay with the industry standard as will be working with film industry folks who typically solely use Final Draft and I need to have that compatibility.'s looking like I'll have to upgrade to both Win10, and v11.”

    Either Mike has money to burn or he thinks he can buy his way toward quality writing. With a missing pronoun and a four-dot ellipsis, I’m betting he has farther to go with his writing than he currently believes.

    As for buying “all the latest” to set up shop, it ain’t the tools, it’s the craftsman.
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      Re: Final Draft v8 Issue Question

      As for buying "all the latest- to set up shop, it ain't the tools, it's the craftsman.
      My German teacher, who was a marvelous lady from the old European tradition, used to say, "It is a poor craftsman who blames his tools."

      I don't want to pound on Mike. He really does need to migrate to new hardware and Windows 10. He is (presumably) going to do the right thing about a new computer and Windows 10. (Yes, I am writing this on my old Windows 7 laptop, but I also have two computers with Windows 10.)

      And he is only following all the pure BS that he has heard about how Final Draft is the "industry standard" and that it is virtually necessary to use it. Of course, Final Draft could be advantageous under some imaginable circumstances, but not for someone who simply needs to submit a script in .fdx format to another person who is going to collaborate or who is going to make notes for some suggested changes.

      But, anyway ... enough. I am out of this now.

      "The fact that you have seen professionals write poorly is no reason for you to imitate them." - ComicBent.