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    I'm on FD 11 and all I do is write the screenplay and occasionally view it in 'cards across' format - and my reason for this is just to see my pacing, usually how many scenes between action (so I can ensure the pace doesn't let up) or between a character's scenes (to see if they need to be closer together to avoid being forgotten). Sometime I colour code the cards (red for murder, orange for action, green for exposition).

    And that's it. I'm sure I'm missing out on a ton of useful elements - anyone want to share?
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    Re: Making the most of Final Draft

    Like all software I've used I only use 1% of what it can do. Every time they upgrade Word -- I'm like the first version you came out with does the same thing I need now.

    But 1 feature I started using in FD11 was Scene Breakdown to show me how many pages each scene took up and longest and shortest scene. So when I'm trying to find trouble spots, it was helpful.

    The most helpful feature I forgot about isn't new - it's PRINT and actually read the words on paper using a pen. It's amazing how much better I am at editing and revising that way. Old school is sometimes better.


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      Re: Making the most of Final Draft

      Cheers, Bono.


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        Re: Making the most of Final Draft

        I just printed out my spec -- I used to print out all my specs -- but a lot of things I've written and show -- I'll be honest never get printed out before I send them. Not a great habit.

        Anyway -- I have printed out my current feature from the PDF I made... but just now I hit print on FINAL DRAFT 11 and it came out zoomed in style I'd say. I tend to write in 125% as I'm blind and that is kind of what it looks like.

        It's just filling out each page more -- zooming in as compared to printed out PDF version.

        All I know is it's more for readable for me to make edits on and I like the way it looks.

        This very well might be something I used to know when I printed out scripts a lot -- but 95% of the time I was always printing out the PDFS so maybe I forgot or just never hit PRINT from Final Draft in a long ass time.

        Anyway -- I'm like a newbie! I'm learning the joys of printing from one program to the other...