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  • ExtHollywoodDay
    Reviews part two:

    I must admit I am pleased with the quality and quantity of the feedback I received from Bart on my comedy. He sent me pages of detailed notes, referenced to page numbers.

    His notes are divided into two parts. The first part are the notes pointing out issues he sees as he makes his first pass. This certainly flushes out any problems that an audience or studio reader would encounter in â€-getting itâ€TM. The second part of the notes are his comments on completing the read.

    He covered everything, structure, plot, character, genre issues, etc., and pulled no punches. Some of the comments were hard to take, but after taking a few deep breaths I realized they were right on. He picked up on major issues missed by my instructor at the Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute, the readers at the local screenwriting group I belong to, HOL, and ScriptPIMP.

    I'd act on feedback I received from them, and the script still didn't feel right, so I'd try somebody else. I'd wish Bartâ€TMs service was around in 2000 as I would have done a lot less wheels pinning and received the feedback and mentoring I really need. I plan to use him for another script of mine that has been through other services including Script Shark, HOL, and Studio Notes.

    Y2ktim (done deal)
    I hired Bart to cover my supernatural thriller BLOODLINES, which had been loved by everyone I knew who read it, and yet dinked by everyone I didn't know who read it. (except it did get a second look at Austin and a nice note from BJ.)

    Days after I emailed Bart my script, I received 8 pages of notes -- both an "overall" section and a page-by-page, immediate reaction to what was being read. While I'd had a feeling at the back of my mind that the script might be a little confusing, Bart's notes were the first time I got a chance to see exactly how the script was perceived while it was being read. And - GULP - yes, it was confusing.

    Which, I guess, is better than boring, but it still meant that I had a lot of work in front of me. I spent the past week doing a major rewrite, eliminating characters, condensing storylines, staking my babies ...

    I also forwarded Bart's notes to two screenwriters who had read the script. One of them said, "Yeah -- what he said! He nailed it!" The other one said, "Who is this guy and how can I hire him?"

    Bottom line -- if you're ready to work, and you want a clear blueprint about what the next draft of your script needs to look like, hire Bart. If you're a candy-ass who just wants people to tell you what a great writer you are ... hmmm, are any of those people left on this board?

    I recently took the plunge and sent my first screenplay to Bart. I'm guessing it was painful for him, and certain it was beneficial for me.

    Like Jami, I knew my script was confusing. Now I know exactly where and why. I had reached a point of seeing things that were no longer there and was subsequently losing my reader at key moments. (Not that every moment isn't)

    Bart hit a magnitude of nails on the head. I found his comments and fresh perspective well the money.

    As I read this thread, the self-serving businesswoman in me kept moaning - "Ah man...quit harping on him not charging enough!" Cold granted, but I'm not in the habit of telling people with resourses my business depends upon, that they're not charging me enough. I hope to use, and hopefully not abuse Bart's services in the near future. So sshhh please!

    Best to my fellow writers -

    Re: Bart Gold's service

    Received six pages of notes this morning from Bart. I mailed out my screenplay last Wednesday from NYCand received the notes on Monday morning. Pretty quick turnaround time considering it went across the country via snail mail.

    Overall I am extremely satisfied with the coverage Bart provided. He pinpointed the issues that I'd been struggling with on my screenplay--namely structure. But rather than just pointing out your trouble areas, he makes suggestions which are aimed at helping you paint your way out of the corner you've written yourself into. Because of Bart's coverage, I will be able to move forward with improving my screenplay.

    He doesn't blow smoke up your *@#, and he also doesn't belittle your work. Very professional and worth every cent.

    Thanks Bart.

    Shaneymac (donedeal)
    I have to add my two cents here.

    I know that Crash says you should never pay anyone to read your work. I did once before with another critiquing service and felt like it was a waste of time and money. Not so with Bart.

    Bart sent me pages of detailed notes within 24 hours of him receiving my script, and here's the thing: they were dead-on. Rather than just give me useless overall comments like plot- good, dialogue- very good, etc... Bart went through the entire script and gave me page-by-page comments about what worked and what didn't. There were also overall comments, but my point is that his analysis made the script better instantly.

    I'm speaking as someone who had a manager that left two years ago. It's a rare skill when someone can provide honest and insightful feedback that makes your writing better, and the last time I experienced that was with my manager. The frustration for me before finding Bart is that I have been writing what I consider to be decent scripts, but it's hard to take a step back and really fix what's wrong to bring them to the next level. Family and friends have been relatively useless.

    I think before getting too caught up in all the agent/manager/query stuff, there are lot of people on this message board (myself obviously included) who need to get their sh*t together first with the script. Many times (myself included) the pride and excitement of finishing a script overshadows the realities that it needs work before it's ready to go out. Self-analysis can only take you so far. I wholeheartedly recommend Bart's service and I will be using it again soon with another script.

    Adm612 (donedeal)
    I've searched and used every available coverage services out there: from Writer's Digest to many others; yet, NONE ARE AS GOOD AS YOURS. Since I began submitting to you, I have improved a lot as a writer. You're always SUCCINCT and TO THE POINT.

    For all you aspiring writers out there, using Bart is the only SHORT CUT to the business. You'll find out exactly what you're doing wrong--and FAST. I've never had to wait more than a week! I have used Bart's service for three of my scripts and I am looking forward to working with him some more in the future.

    I just wanted to stop by and say THANKS.

    --MR. BELMARSH(@DoneDeal)
    Hi all!

    I have used Bart's service on my first script, and he really gave me good advice and told me what was wrong with my script!!! If you want to use a scripts service that is excellent and cheap, use Bart's!!!! It dosen't get any better than his!!


    Hi guys,

    I used Bart's service for my comedy script, at least I thought it was a comedy until Bart read it.

    Anyway, the man IS good!

    He pointed out so many things I could not see. His advice is dead on. He doesn't just tell you what's wrong with it, he also tells you what does work and gives you ideas to help you start brainstorming for your rewrite.

    Keep up the good work Bart, I look forward to using your service again in the future.

    Thanks much,
    Sherri ([email protected])

    Just as an aside here, I wanted to say that I used Bart's (ExtHollywoodDay) coverage service and it was really good. Incredibly quick turn-a-round. Insightful comments. It really helped polish my work. The screenplay that I ran by Bart ended up being a finalist in PGL3 (top 1000) and I think without Bart's comments I wouldn't have made the cut. Not that being a top 1000 PGL winner is a huge accomplishment, but Bart's comments were very helpful. Iâ€TMll use him again on my next script.

    [email protected]

    I just tried it out . . .

    . . . and am very satisfied.

    I knew my screenplay needed work, but wasn't clear on what, exactly, I needed to do. Now I have a much better idea of the dimensions of the challenge.

    Make no mistake, it is a challenge, and a formidable one. But if you're serious about pursuing fortune and glory in the screenwriting biz, you don't need a backpatter, you need a butt kicker, and one who knows what he's doing. Bart knows.

    It was money well spent, in my book, and I'd recommend his service to any serious student of the craft.

    -Architeuthis Dux

    I recently used Bart's service and wanted to add that he is quite thorough with his feedback. I now have a clearer vision of what to revise based on his analysis. As Art said, he's a real butt-kicker but sometimes tough love is needed.

    [email protected]

    I want to add my two cents on Bart. I have a good friend who was down in the dumps over his writing (if it was good enough) and was considering using a very expensive screenwriting guru/analyst. I sent him this thread on Bart and he decided to send Bart his "baby". My friend says that Bart responded promptly and with such an insightful, positive review, that it cured my pal of his depression and a host of other ills.

    [email protected]

    Thanks again to all the reviewers present and future.



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  • ExtHollywoodDay
    started a topic Good Notes Cheap

    Good Notes Cheap

    Updated FAQ Jan, 2021:

    Yes, friends, the service is still going, still averaging turnaround in two days. Thanks for your continued support.

    Running a Quarantine Special at $105 / feature.

    The Most Bang For The Buck I've Ever Got From A Consultant

    Greetings new readers and old friends, this is a recap of the original Done Deal board thread "Good Coverage Cheap"- among the best reviewed script notes services on the board. This recaps who I am, what my service is, what's new, and some of the reviews previously posted by known Done Dealers.

    My full-feature story notes consist of page-by-page notes taken as I'm reading, followed by an overall analysis formed once I know the intended outcome and entire story. Average 4x as long as standard studio script coverage. I think I'm offering valuable insight at a reasonable rate: I've gotten as much as $160 for notes, but Done Dealers can get these notes at the continuing low price of $130us.

    I'll also offer a different service to those who are brand spanking new to the craft, and who maybe are having a hard time finishing a first draft:

    THE 15 PAGER:

    I'll read the first 15 pages of the project. We'll discuss writing style, and where the story seems like it's going. Hopefully getting notes early will save some people a lot of headache rewriting.

    Introductory DD rate $140 US via this ExtHollywoodDay @ as the pay-to on Paypal.

    Anyone with questions or curious about samples in any given genre can E me at [email protected]

    THE PHONE CONSULTS also available: E me to discuss.


    :I am a sold WGA screenwriter (features) who did coverage for the film companies for five years. I've covered scripts for Brett Ratner, Jerry Bruckheimer, New Line, Orion, Richard Donner, Wendy Finerman, Cinergi, Dreamworks, MPCA (who made Dumb & Dumber), Team Todd (Austin Powers), New Regency and more.

    I've got a keen eye and a lot of experience. I've made good calls as a reader. I made strong recommends on American Beauty, Ocean's 11, Antwone Fisher, Dragonfly and more. I've had film company execs with half a billion dollars in Box Office call me at home to talk them into or out of buying specs.

    And more importantly- Absorbing the lessons of 1000's of spec script readings helped my own writing immensely- to the point where I've written for Universal, Lionsgate and Dreamworks and others.

    I focus on the kind of attention that really makes your writing better and helps you over whatever your own screenwriting hurdles are. It works for veterans, and for newer writers.

    Some are long time DDealers who thought it was time for a fresh eye, (Ancon and Vig come to mind) many are lurkers who want an easy no-commitment engagement. Mostly this has been a features service, though I can and have read clients' TV specs.

    I believe this remains a high quality service because I don't overdo it on volume.

    There have been over 400 customers since I started, including six two timers, and two five timers (one who had 3 different scripts covered, one who had 5 covered)

    REVIEWS: (Compiled from threads you can still go back and read)
    I've recently used Bart's story analysis service and I must say I was overwhelmed by his cogent and detailed analysis. He uprooted story problems I had no clue on and also highlighted what worked.

    I know some folks want to try the trial and error method of script writing and that's fine. I recently sold my first script (sold not option) to an indiepro but it helps me to get a read from pros with whom I'm not personally acquainted. Helps me get my wares into shape because you only get ONE good read from the people in your inner sanctum before you send the script out to the wolves.

    -It's one of the biggest secrets in Hollywood that pros use independent story analysts. A friend of mine who co-wrote one of this summer's blockbusters uses indie story analysts. Shh.

    Bart's good and cheap (for now). And quick, I had my notes within days of sending off my script. And folks, he's a sold writer and has no axe to grind as frustrated wannabe scribe.

    I used to work (as a lowly minion) at a movie studio. I've read lots of scripts and coverage and Bart's work is exemplary.

    I just used Bart's coverage service for my fantasy thriller, and I am thoroughly impressed.
    I paid another reader, who shall remain nameless, who charged me twice as much and didn't
    have anywhere near the insight that Bart has. This nameless guy led me to believe that all
    I needed were a few fixes. But after Bart read and reviewed it, I discovered it was much more than a bandaid fix. There were serious problems with my character's motivation, among other issues that the other reader failed to catch.

    Bart also turned the script around with lightening speed and gave page by page feedback on what worked/ what didn't work, etc.

    Unfortunately, I'd already sent my script to a few companies who had requested it. I wish I had sent the screenplay to Bart beforehand.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend this service to anyone who was looking for attractively priced coverage by someone who clearly knows what he's doing.

    I had never paid a professional to read my script before - only fellow writers like myself.

    However, I decided to give Bart a look at my project so I could get advice from someone who's read hundreds of scripts and knows what to look for. I'm hoping because of his critique and my next re-write, this project will finally get off the ground.

    His notes broke down structural problems which I couldn't see on my own and helped me get on track. He was very specific about his opinions and what he thought were both the good and bad decisions I was making in my script. Both overall and on a page by page basis.

    He was even cool enough to send me examples of past reviews he had written so I knew what to expect. He also responded to every email I sent him with additional questions that were raised as a result of his notes.

    Very prompt, professional, and affordable service in my opinion. I'm glad I went this route rather than blowing a ton of cash on Pimps or Sharks - From what I've heard about those other services, Bart seems to offer much more, for a lot less.

    Take it for what it's worth. But, I'm definitely another satisfied customer.

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