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  • Saw


    Netflixed this the other day and was pleasantly surprised. Very imaginative horror/thriller pic.

    During the 3rd act, it looked like the movie was going to fall apart because we already knew who the killer was and it didn't make sense that he could seemingly be in 2 places at the same time. So when the climax and resolution came, it was a nice surprise and a clever bit of writing.

    My only gripe is that the lead actor (who just happens to be the screenwriter) was miscast and frankly isn't that great of an actor.

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    Re: Saw

    I have grave concerns about the stabilty of the mind that came up with this story.


    Watching this I was riveted.
    Thinking about it later my suspension of disbelief began to fall apart.

    Guess that doesn't really matter. Kind of after the fact.
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      Re: Saw

      I thought this film was awful and wreaked of amateur in every aspect of its filmmaking. Rapid fire editing. Laughably bad sets and lighting made it look like a straight to video piece of stink (which it should have been.) Ridiculous, nonsensical story. Acting that was as bad as it was annoying.


      I love that scene where the cops are investigating the killer's hideout, and when they hear him coming they RUN AND HIDE. They are cops for god's sake. They are there to ARREST him.

      This movie's financial success makes me feel ill.
      Ever thus to deadbeats.


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        Re: Saw

        Sick Hollywood producers LOVE this movie. "I'm looking for a horror/thriller with the same "feel" as SAW.

        SAW II is on its way to theatres soon.


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          Re: Saw

          They should call it Sawn.