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  • Flightplan

    Kinda run of the mill. It doesn't really deliver on its Hitchcockian promise. Not to say this exact same story, or script even, couldn't be a knockout with different directing, style, and mood...but it is what it is. I had more fun with Red Eye.


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    Re: Flightplan

    Jodie Foster. Queen of the panic thrillers...

    So where's the kid, Ele?


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      Re: Flightplan

      Come now, Auth. You know I don't have it in me to spoil a Jodie Foster movie.



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        Re: Flightplan

        I'd recommend ignoring the mostly negative reviews and go see
        this if you are at all interested in filmmaking.

        Most of all because I thought the SOUND MIXING was brilliant. It's been
        a long time since I've watched a movie and experienced no sound glitches,
        enjoyed the creativity and heard audience members react to ambient
        sounds in a positive way.

        I thought some of the shots were brilliant. I'm a big aviation fan
        and I was impressed by the takeoff and landing and some flight
        shots through the clouds. Beautiful.

        The only thing that bugged me was...


        that I believe that whenever a shot in a movie includes a television
        set that the natural inclination of the viewer is to look at whatever
        is on the television set. There are countless shots in this movie
        of the passenger cabin and the individual seat screens and a
        "fasten your seat belt" animated graphic that for me became
        burned into my brain, I saw it so many times. Not a good thing.
        If they were going to do this, they should have at least put a product
        placement on the screen and SOLD something.


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          Re: Flightplan

          The first act had me. Had me pretty good. Fairly Hitchcockian. Pretty tense.

          And then faster than it takes me to get a pillow from the flight attendant the story became static. It was still dramatic, but as I literally heard one guy in the row behind me say: "I can't get into this."


          Still spoilers ahead.



          And then Peter Sarsgard, a runner up for The Cillian Murphy "Yes, I can play a creep on an airplane, too" Award goes mano et mano with Jodie "it's kind of like I'm Jeff Bridges in Arlington Road, but not really" Foster. No not really, and not even thanks to the story, which essentially regresses from a competent thriller to forgettable.

          How do we find out that Peter, the Air Marshall Guy, is the bad guy? Not by Jodie Foster figuring it out. Not by an ally of Jodie Foster figuring it out and (maybe getting killed in attempting to help.) The movie just breaks with Jodie Foster's pov driven story to show us hey, this is the bad guy. At least they showed us.

          Oh and then there's the mano et mano chase on the plane throughout which Peter Sarsgard becomes weaker more because of his pursuing Foster than Foster's gaining the upperhand.

          And last but not least we find out Jodie is a pawn in a murder/kidnapping/faux hostage scheme that makes Leopold and Loeb look like Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne.

          The epilogue ending is fine and emotionally satisfying, but the second half of the story, shaky.

          I see it was #1 at the box office.

          For my money maybe, maybe half of the movie was worth the ticket price.

          second peeve:

          Jodie Foster's character

          Erika Christensen's character was wasted.
          #writinginaStarbucks #re-thinkingmyexistence #notanotherweaklogline #thinkingwhatwouldWilldo


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            Re: Flightplan

            Oh and then there's the mano et mano chase on the plane throughout which Peter Sarsgard becomes weaker more because of his pursuing Foster than Foster's gaining the upperhand.

            I thought it was because he was leaking cerebro-spinal fluid out his ears because of that fire extinguisher, but I won't quibble.


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              Re: Flightplan

              I like Sarsgaard very much, but Cilian Murphy did out do him in a similar role. I think it was summed up nicely by others...the reveal of what is truly going on wasn't executed properly. Just think back to North By Northwest and you'll know what I mean about suspense.



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                Re: Flightplan

                I agree that the movie could have been better if it hadn't veered off into a
                weird tangent.


                Things that didn't work:

                1. Transfer of fund - like anyone is going to deal with a terrorist threat that way.
                2. Transfer of funds in lightening speed - yeah, they just had cash drop out of the sky without negociations, negociations, negociations.
                3. Why her? Anybody could have gone pyscho, so why her? Reasons stated not good enough.
                4. I could see how everyone missed the little girl at the beginning, but they
                would have passed people on the way back to the plane - yeah, right no one saw them.
                5. I don't think the air marshall once flashed his badge which is common proceedure when identifying self as a law enforcement officer.
                6. Bomb in coffin - which had to be her husband.
                7. Back to the air marshall, I don't think they can appoint themselves to any flight they choose. Call it fate?
                8. If Jodie cries one more time I'm going to kick the snot out of her, quit making a strong woman cry so bloody much.



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                  Re: Flightplan

                  Ripping off Hitchcock does not make your movie "hitchcockian". It makes it ****.


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                    Re: Flightplan

                    Dressed to Kill?


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                      Re: Flightplan


                      I should have clarified that I agreed with Ele that it was Hitchcockian in premise, losing a family member in a public place and having no one to verify or confirm that person existed. My bad calling it Hitchcockian as filmed. (just as a side note, I don't bandy about old Alfred's name and actually haven't used Hitchcockian in a post on DD in several years on DD under another username.) And yeah Alfred could have run rings around the director. (a little Vertigo reference...)


                      True, that was a healthy blow and it should have rendered him pretty useless for an extended period of time, but he was back on his feet and chasing pretty soon afterwards.

                      The chase was a lot like the movie, starting off with a "bang" and limping after the halfway point.
                      #writinginaStarbucks #re-thinkingmyexistence #notanotherweaklogline #thinkingwhatwouldWilldo


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                        Re: Flightplan

                        Terrible thriller. For the reasons stated above and much, much more.



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                          Re: Flightplan

                          This was out on dvd recently. I watched it because the odds of me not liking a Jodie Foster movie are like 50-1. This was bad, much worse than I can even express. I feel dramatically violated.

                          The Forgotten is the Citizen Kane of disappearing child films compared to this.

                          Jodie, you are dead to me.


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                            Re: Flightplan

                            The premise of this film kind of reminded me of a creepy little movie with Keir Dullea and Laurence Olivier called Bunny Lake is Missing. I was going to go and see it, but the trailer was too long - for me, that's a clear indication that the movie is not going to live up to its promises.