I wanted to see this in theaters but for Los Angeles . . . that's not happening until summer at earliest. Echoes of "The Searchers" Tom Hanks plays a former Confederate officer who travels from town to town in 1870 reading current events from various newspapers to the townsfolk as a kind of pre-industrial version of cable news. On the road, he encounters an abandoned girl who looks Scandanavian in origin but only speaks a tribal Indian dialect. Hanks' character then takes it upon himself to reunite the girl with her surviving Anglo family members.

But unlike "True Grit," where another young girl enlists a crusty old soldier to undertake a mission on her behalf, there is no real price to be paid for Hanks' character in making the same choice here. There are a few engaging set pieces where he fights off a band of would-be kidnappers and encounter natural obstacles, but nothing terribly bad really happens to either him or the young girl. So the outcome for both of their characters never feels seriously in doubt or dramatically compelling. Felt like a collection of missed opportunities to elevate the premise into something more timeless and epic.