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  • The Tomorrow War (2021)

    The Tomorrow War (2021) is a lot of fun if your cinematic heart can forgive tried-and-true, nearly cliché set-ups of supporting-character types, a couple of significant logic holes, and what I call “endless ammo”—when weapon-wielding warriors never seem to reload or run out of ammunition. It differs from the traditional “Let’s get those aliens!” movie in that those who fight these invaders are not the “select team” chosen for their various commando skills, but ordinary citizens.

    Luckily, the studio for this film hung their hat on the likable, lovable Chris Pratt as the main character—and it’s a good thing, too. He’s believably fun to watch whether the movie is “Substance” mode or “Spectacle” mode, and it’s difficult to imagine anyone else who could play the part as well.

    The script’s pace keeps you interested, and just when you believe you’ve seen this kind of movie before, the dialogue departs from the expected and leads into a new scene of action, dilemma, and (partial) resolution that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    The Predatoresque faces of the creatures—a curious consistency, it seems, among several modern sci-fi movies—does not disappoint for its fear factor, nor do the computer-generated images of the hordes which swarm to overwhelm the humans.

    The action film has what I term an “emotional island” somewhere in its middle—one that helps you catch your breath and relax for a moment—as the main character, generally speaking, “faces his future.”

    Then, the film takes off again at a breakneck pace with supporting character payoffs culminating throughout Act III, and an unexpectedly great surprise twist before leading into Act III.

    Only one minor character uses any profanity, and he says the same word over and over humorously in only one scene. Chris Pratt’s character is pure action-hero entertainment. My advice to anyone reading this would be to make a bowl of popcorn and catch this on Amazon Prime.
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