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    Originally posted by RogerOThornhill View Post
    My Best Friend's Wedding.

    Is Jules (Julia Roberts) the protagonist or antagonist???? I think it could be argued either direction.
    She is the protagonist, the hero in her own story-- we've all heard that phrase before. The story is told from her point of view.

    In every story the hero is the villain's antagonist, because as much as the villain is the hero's antagonist, standing in the hero's way of achieving their goal, the same is true of the villain-- the hero is the villain's antagonist because the hero is the one (antagonist force) who stands in the way of the villain achieving their goal.

    They both want something. They both believe they are right for wanting it. They both struggle against each other to get it.

    And there can only be one victor.

    It isn't always the protagonist.
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      Pleasantly above my expectations:

      Tucker & Dale vs. Evil arrangement and editing and scripting made it work
      Leaving Las Vegas A watchable story without a happily ever after ending
      Saving Mr. Banks. The dual storyline kinda makes it work
      Easy A Talking directly to the viewer doesn't usually work, but it does here.
      Bhowani Junction Thought it would be a fluff adventure pic, but Ava Gardner turns in a superb performance

      Below my expectations:

      Dusk til Dawn starts out as one type, ends up another genre.
      Cloud Atlas Still confused about what this pic was trying to do.
      Eyes Wide Shut Kidman, Cruise, Kubrick...what could possibly go wrong? 2 1/2 minutes of story crammed into 2 1/2 hours.


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        Forces of Nature. Romantic Comedy where the lead guy does not end up with the quirky girl he met on the way to his wedding and ends up marrying the girl he was supposed to marry. It always goes the other way. So it was interesting to see and has stuck with me for 20 years since I've seen it.

        Funny enough the writer of that Ive enjoyed all his movies. So I guess I like his voice. I didn't even realize I liked the same guy until years later. i love when that happens.