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    Very grimy but quirky coming-of-age yarn from writer/director Owen Kline (Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates' kid) that has a budding underground comic book illustrator abandoning his upper-middle class roots while trying to be successful in a DIY fashion. It breaks the rules of the coming-of-age film genre (the lead character is a brat; there's no manic pixie girlfriend but an gay, acne-suffering fellow artist whose love isn't complimented; the mentor isn't mentally stable) while demolishing the romantic myth of the struggling artist.

    Sounds depressing? Yes, but it's a funny splash of water on artistic delusions as well.
    "A screenwriter is much like being a fire hydrant with a bunch of dogs lined up around it.- -Frank Miller

    "A real writer doesn't just want to write; a real writer has to write." -Alan Moore

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    That’s in my watchlist. I heard a pretty funny interview with Kline on The Big Picture podcast (second half of the top 5 fantasy movies episode) that is the most rambly, rabbit hole filled interview I’ve heard in a while. Looking forward to seeing it.