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    Such a great trailer, such high hopes.

    IMO it's a 6/10 - not bad but not good, either. Watchable if you've nothing else to do. Up until the mother got possessed it was solid but from there it flat lined. I'm not sure why but it just seemed too confined. It pretty much all takes place in an apartment and this shouldn't be an issue considering the other films were mainly set in a cabin but it is an issue nonetheless. Maybe it's because the other films spent time in the great outdoors?

    There is also a distinct lack of story and compelling characters. Unlike the excellent 2013 remake, there was nothing beyond mildly gory scenes and unlike the 2013 film, none of the characters were defined, interesting or empathetic. I know these films aren't known for their Shakespearian story-telling but they had rising stakes and the characters had personalities and goals beyond "don't die". The mother gets possessed 5 minutes after we first meet her so we don't care. And whilst the other films have 3 clear acts, this has no discernible 3rd act.

    What made the 2013 version so good is that it took itself seriously. It was an all-out assault on the audience - no smart remarks or black comedy. In contrast, EDR has lots of gore and is 99.9% played straight but features a couple of goofy moments that jar and cause tonal dissonance. There's also too many one-liners as though it wanted to veer into Freddy Kruger territory.

    The callbacks in the 2013 film were subtle - such as one of the illustrations in the Book of the Dead matched the poster of the 1983 original. EDR's callbacks are far more obvious and numerous. This made the film feel less of a continuation and more of a remake. Ditto for the history of how the book was found and translated - totally different to the previous films.


    For no logical reason other than the finale calls for them, a city-centre apartment building parking lot has a wood chipper and chainsaw.
    The final boss was ridiculous and not scary at all
    Weak characters: One is a wannabe DJ just so that there is a turntable to play the vinyl translation. Another is pregnant just so they have the desire to fight..
    It turns out that the film is not linear and the opening sequence actually happens after the events of the film. For no apparent reason.
    Victims lay dead for 30 mins until the film calls on them to become deadites. How convenient.
    The unseen "evil" that roams the forest is unleashed in the parking lot - which is fine - but it just stays there for the entire film. As though waiting for a bus.
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