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    Re: Obscure films I'd like to see

    Has anyone ever seen INSERTS (1975) with Richard Dreyfaus? It was rated X at the time. He plays a stag film director. I've always been curious about it.


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      Re: Obscure films I'd like to see

      Originally posted by Frankclone
      Films I've read about but never seen...

      200 MOTELS- about &/or by Frank Zappa
      I'm a big Zappa fan and have seen this flick. I don't want to steer you away from seeing it, but it's really not that good. Frank's in it for only a one or two second shot. Unless, of course, you count Ringo Starr. It's missable.

      If you want a watchable Zappa flick, I'd recommend "Baby Snakes" or "The Dub Room Special".
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        Re: Obscure films I'd like to see

        Originally posted by Jake Schuster
        Correct spelling of the author's name: Rui Nogueira.

        I just checked on abebooks.com. Cheapest English edition available is $59. Most expensive is $500!!!

        Cheaper for you to learn French. Maybe I can get my French friends to tell your French friends to convince you!

        Eh, mon ami, c'est la vie heureuse!
        $500?!?! Sacre Bleu!!


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          Re: Obscure films I'd like to see

          Learn French, and the book's yours for something like $15 through a great French bookshop in Montreal (Canadian prices are good for us Yanks!).

          I saw Zappa and the Mothers in the Village...um...some years ago. The next day I ran into his keyboard player, Don Preston, at an Orange Julius on 8th Street. Really nice guy. Hell of a lot older than anyone else in the band.


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            Re: Obscure films I'd like to see

            Originally posted by Gorilla King
            I want to see the other 8 dogville shorts from the early 30's. Would anybody happen to know of someplace that might have them? I saw one on TCM ad it was great there was a dog that was on death row and his girlfriend was rushing around trying to save him. Maybe my sense of humor is about as deep as a iddie pool, but seeing dogs with guns was classic.
            I think Gorilla King means "kiddy pool", not "iddie pool." His spelling's not so great but I admire his taste. I, too, love the dogville shorts and just ordered a copy based on Fortean's referral (thank you, Fortean). My dog got aroused while watching a belly-dancing pup in one of those classic comedies--he barked his ass off and attacked the TV screen--I'd like to recreate that experience for family and friends, and of course, for my beloved dog , who needs all the kicks he can get.


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              Re: Obscure films I'd like to see

              Originally posted by TheKeenGuy
              Well, let's go really obscure, as in unavailable...

              Don's Plum - DiCaprio and Tobery Maguire shut down this black & white feature in which they starred from ever being seen in the U.S.

              Invisible Stripes - Humphrey Bogart plays a guy trying to keep his brother (William Holden) out of a life of crime. Has never been on video or DVD.

              The Devil & Daniel Webster - Alec Baldwin directed himself and Anthony Hopkins in this, but the financing fell apart and I'm not sure it ever even got edited.

              Sure, these might not be good movies, but I'd be interested in seeing them.
              I saw something about The Devil and Daniel Webster somewhere, maybe on IMDB, or Amazon. Anyway, that is one I'd like to see also.

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