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    Re: Inside Man

    It was better than some other crap I've seen recently.

    It seems to me like these kinds of twisty thrillers are a lot like romantic comedies, in that it is almost impossible to come up with something new or original. How many here didn't figure out Christopher Plummer was a Nazi the second scene he was in? Clive Owen camping out in the supply room was kind of original, I guess, but nothing else was even a tiny bit surprising.

    Denzel's cool, and Spike's cool, but the story could have done with more conflict, and maybe some weird thing coming out of left field that neither the detective nor the crooks expected or knew what to do about. Like, I don't know, maybe if a bunch of giant mutant spiders got loose upstairs and started falling on people from the vents and biting them, turning them into zombies.


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      Re: Inside Man


      I thought the fact that the "robbers" were using toy guns was original. At least in the sense that it wasn't meant to be comical (I just thought of Airheads).

      I like heist/caper movies that have a clever plan and I thought the plan in this movie good.

      Plus Denzel is such a badass
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