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  • All The Kings' Men

    Any idea when this movie is going to come out? I doubt if it's a straight to video flick but I might be wrong. I thought it was already in post prod in 2004.
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    Re: All The Kings' Men

    I believe in September of this year. On my cable they have a station where you can watch movie previews. It looked pretty good.
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      Re: All The Kings' Men

      Originally posted by writer0825
      It looked pretty good.
      ...but apparently isn't, as they have been scared to death to release it or show it to anybody. It'll be interesting to see what happens.


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        Re: All The Kings' Men

        Good Loard. Cain't these folks git it that their phony southerin axents soun lak shiat?

        Well, too bad. As much as I love Sean Penn, I just can't give him this role. He's not a Huey Long or a Broderick Crawford. The person to play this role was Russell Crowe.

        Jude Law needs to stick to melodrama, not hard hitting stuff like this. He's ineffectual.

        I wish someone would have helped them out with their casting. I apologize if I offend anyone.
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