Whatever happened to... Jackie Earle Haley



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  • Whatever happened to... Jackie Earle Haley

    The little guy from THE BAD NEWS BEARS and BREAKING AWAY.

    Seems like he may be coming back strong with a role as a child molester in Todd Field's new film LITTLE CHILDREN starring Kate Winslet and Jennifer Connelly.

    IMDB has a few credits for him in the 90's but not much.

    He also seems to have a role in ALL THE KING'S MEN.

    A blurb on LITTLE CHILDREN in Entertainment Weekly mentions that, at some point, Haley ended up delivering pizzas and had to bring one to the home of an editor of one of his films.

    I bet he makes a comeback.

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    Re: Whatever happened to... Jackie Earle Haley

    When I was about ten I saw Damnation Alley at the drive-in and thought it very cool that his character's weapon of choice was rocks. So I threw a rock at a neighbor kid and chipped his teeth all up. My parents had to foot a pretty sizeable dental bill for the kid.