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  • Splat Pack and Their Gornos

    In yet another write-up about the so-called "Splat Pack" and their series of "gornos" by Variety. Art Forum Magazine said "Hostel" was "was the smartest film in terms of being a metaphor for the Iraq war and America's attitude overseas." I must have missed that since I didn't see anything metaphoric about a girl's eye being clipped off.

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    Re: Splat Pack and Their Gornos

    Metaphor is in the eye of the beholder. More than a few cultural critics view Romero's Night of the Living Dead as either a Vietnam allegory, or as a metaphor for the breakdown of the nuclear family. Roth's Hostel and Alexandre Aja's The Hills Have Eyes remake can both be seen as digs at the latest American dream of Empire, and the inherent xenophobia involved.

    In both cases, they're more of a dark look at the pitfalls of hubris.

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