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    I think expectations really get the best of me and I end up judging the boston creme pie pre cooked, while I'm mixing it in the bowl.

    I have seen so many great films lately and I'm thrilled about big stars looking for those great roles in 'anti big' movies. It has to be a promising time for those small film fans. And some small films were made on a big film level (i.e. illusionist) and done well.

    Half Nelson
    Little Miss Sunshine
    Lady in the water (My favorite this year)
    The illustionist

    Powerful, multi dimensional plots, with anti 'otn' dialogue, subtext pushing plot foward, etc. A relief that hollywood is finally making great small films for the big screen.

    What small film moved you lately?

    What modern day stealing home, smoke, palookavillve, buffalo 66, evil dead 2, to die for, fishing with John, the 9th configuration, the deep end, you can count on me, fisher kind, searching for bobby fisher, vampire's kiss, etc, do i need to see. What film stays with you?