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  • 28 Weeks Later Trailer...

    I was getting question marks when I clicked on the link, I'd probably give the link a few more hours before the files are uploaded...

    28 Weeks Later Trailer Link
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    Re: 28 Weeks Later Trailer...

    "28 Days Later" is overall one of the few best horror films of the last half decade or a bit more, so regardless of the end result here for the sequel I'm definitely there.


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      Re: 28 Weeks Later Trailer...

      I absolutely loved the first movie. I'm not much of a horror fan, but I think that movie has so many great visuals and subtext. It's as artistic as a horror movie can be, IMO. I figured this would be a half-assed sequel, but it looks awesome. There's a good possibility for another important social commentary. But I'm just relieved to see the same photography and camera work. It looks very Danny Boyle. I hope this one works out.