Pirates of the Caribbean "At World's End"



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    Re: Pirates of the Caribbean "At World's End"

    Funny bit of irony here:

    Last night, as I was reading this thread, my son was in the next room watching the Spongebob Squarepants Movie (a true cinematic classic). I heard the movie end, so I went in to shut off the DVD player and he demanded that he watch the credits. Ok, no problem. I let the credits roll and sat back down to read more of this thread, and wouldn't you know it, a "hidden" scene popped up at the end of ol' Spongebob's movie. Ironically (especially in the context of this thread), it involved a bunch of pirates who were still sitting in the theater watching Spongebob until they were asked to leave by the cleaning crew. To be honest, it was pretty funny... or at least Spongebob funny.

    I really like things thrown in at the end of the credits, but I appreciate them when they are more for a funny effect, Like Ferris saying, You're still here? The movie is over. Go home." That was classic. What I don't like is when they are something of true signifigance to the story. My thought is if it's that important, include it with the rest... or maybe at least show it while the credits are rolling. Again, with Ferris Bueller, the entire credit sequence showing Mr. Rooney getting home on the bus was classic, and it held the audience there to see Ferris tell us to leave.

    But it's hard to stay for the credits of Pirates III when you have an 11 year-old that has slurped down a large coke and held on for three hours without leaving her seat! It's not time for the credits, it's time to hit the bathroom!
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      Re: Pirates of the Caribbean "At World's End"

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        Re: Pirates of the Caribbean "At World's End"

        Darn... I thought it was about how to download the movie.

        (this movie seems to secretly be about current politics).
        Secretly? Maybe most of it, but that opening sequence seemed to exist only to make a pointed allusion to the contemporary state of the state.

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          Re: Pirates of the Caribbean "At World's End"

          I finally saw this last night.

          I read Bill Martell's take on it, and I think he's basically right about the whole switching sides thing.

          I thought the movie was kind of an odd achievement. I had a rough idea of who I was supposed to be for (the pirates) and who I was supposed to be against (the Brits), but a lot of the rest of it, the intrigues and squabbles and stragems and other intra-Pirate matters, were a turgid mess. Can't say I was ever really confused, though.

          It seems to me that when death is only a temporary condition, it is almost impossible to convince an audience that characters are facing real threats.

          Still, the characters were good, and the dialogue was excellent, and the visual effects were extremely impressive.