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    "For the love of making film...." ~ Vinnie Jones

    "It's an inspriation, really, to people who think that just because they don't have studio backing, just because they don't have, you know, five or ten mill--, or even two million to make a film, that you can actually go out and just do it." ~ Gabriel Byrne

    This crime-gone-wrong-and-revenge film hit the DVD racks, yesterday, and offers an alternative to big-budget Hollywood fare. Shot with a Canon XL-2 and a budget of about $338,000, it boasts a handful of big-name stars whose roles revolve around the protagonist. Gritty, ad-libbed dialog (with no real effort to curb foul language), and over-exposed, grainy images are compensated by a sweet musical score and great editing. The slow-motion "reliving the moments" ending, with voice-overs and slow music, may not have as much appeal to viewers, as it did the the director, writers, and producers. The story does end, but like a roller-coaster ride coming to a slow stop. For a DTD rental, it's good fare, tho.

    Two scenes demonstrate how these guerrilla filmmakers got caught with their no-frills budget and small crews. Val Kilmer received a call from his mother, via cell phone, while portraying a criminal driving a car. He did not break character, ad-libbed, and filming continued, (just two actors and a cameraman in the rear seat), as tho the interruption had been written into the screenplay. When one actor head-butted another actor for another action sequence and walked off down an alley, someone in a nearby apartment telephoned the police and reported the assault. The actor was detained by constables for a short time, unable to point to the other actor and film crew, who had moved from sight and were busy with another shot.
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