Do I DARE watch a UWE BOLL film?



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  • WritersBlock2010
    Re: Do I DARE watch a UWE BOLL film?

    What I think irks most people (movie fans) about Boll is this:

    -He does not regard film making as an art
    -He does not respect the source material (video games) he uses
    -He has an ego the size of Mars

    Most of these traits people can deal with individually. But he just crams them all together and it grates on people's nerves, more or less.

    Also, while he is a competent director... That is he has completed enough films to not be an amateur... He is not a particularly talented one when all is said and done. This is where his ego hurts him more than anything because he keeps proclaiming he is going to be the next Wolfgang Peterson. Far from it...

    His direction is standard and sometimes not even that good. He doesn't know how to film fight sequences ("Bloodrayne") properly and basically turns what could be really cool adaptations into DTV, D-Grade, late night schlock fests. This is why I said he doesn't respect his source material, nor the fans of the source material.

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  • beerbeastredux
    started a topic Do I DARE watch a UWE BOLL film?

    Do I DARE watch a UWE BOLL film?

    I never saw any of this man's films. Now that I've heard so many people complain about him, I'm curious to see JUST how bad he is.

    ( I already know about the boxing, so he already seems like a twit )