The DGA VS. Clean Flicks: has censorship gone too far?



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    Now if I own the DVD and I can do anything thing to the DVD I darn well please.
    yeah, except, you know, alter the content and make a profit from it. i mean, the problem here isn't that one guy is editting the movies for himself and a few of his friends. nobody cares if the number is3 or 4 or even 20 people from their church. it's when they take out a business license and state that they are in the business of altering a copyrighted product to make a personal profit.

    look, filmmakers pay clearances to use other people's songs in their movies. they pay for the rights to novels and plays to make them into movies. they pay the actors (from the star to the newspaper vendor with no lines) to perform and part of that contract is a release giving the filmmakers the right to use their likeness in the movie.

    when clean flicks buys the dvd, they aren't paying for the right to edit the movie and resell it. they are only paying for the right to view it as is.


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      DGA vs Clean Flicks

      Does that include cartoons?
      Yes. Yesterday Loony Toons's Wiley Coyote got back up into action after being flattened, now in today's more violent Saturday morning cartoons, the characters are cut down in a bloody fashion and don't get up.


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        Actually, based on the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, even private citizens do not have the right to do whatever they want wioth their own copies of encrypted DVDs.

        it is against the law to even make a backup copy.

        The DMCA makes it a crime to circumvent the encryption in any manner.

        A popular hacker site (2600?) was even threatened with prosecution for publishing instructions on how to break DVD copy protection. Someone else was threatened as well for just providing a weblink to these instructions.

        Yet Clean Flicks gets a special pass to make money.


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          Indeed. Hey cool new first post.


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            Cultural Sensitivity

            Originally posted by Authorized
            IMO young children should not be exposed to violence at young age because they cannot process and dissect different TV images from fact and fiction. Repetitive TV viewing of violence or extreme violence and gore at an early age stunts the growth of these children from fully becoming sensitive, caring human beings.
            Yeah, if the kid's complaining about the DVD that I'm watching, I give 'em a harpoon, shove 'em out of the igloo, point 'em in the direction of the seals' breathing hole out on the ice flow, and tell 'em to go get some dinner, before a polar bear makes a meal out of 'em. So we lose a kid or two to the polar bears, okay, but, the rest of them grow up to be sensitive, caring human beings, able to tolerate other people's views and smart enough to phone out for pizza.

            Silly Yanks! Kids can tolerate a lot of violence but do need guidance. Have you really read those Grimm's fairy tales to them at bedtime? Or just Dr. Seuss?
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              Others' Tastes

              Originally posted by writerly
              Taste and decency are subjective.
              Tell that to the polar bears!
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