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    Re: well

    This has to be one of the best, if not the best, comic book adaptions, hands down.

    Funny, filled with gore, filled with hot chicks and smoking guns. A dark and bloody tale of damnation and redemption, well told in an interesting and killer style.

    Yeah, Madsen sucked ASS, I tell you! ASS! Bruce was great. He's so much better as an older guy. The barbie dolls were barbie dolls.

    This was a living comic book, and I loved it.


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      Re: well

      I thought Mickey Rouke was excellent in this movie. Madsen did suck big time. I thought his acting was awful - and I like his style.



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        Re: SIN CITY

        This has to be one of the best, if not the best, comic book adaptations, hands down.

        I disagree.

        It was the best reproduction of a comic book, but it was a failure as a film adaptation because it failed to deliver the dramatic narrative a good film requires.

        A good adaptation doesn't just reproduce the comic book's images, it adds the narrative depth and unity a good film needs.

        This was a great looking film, but the story (stories) worked much better as a comic anthology than as a film.

        My 2 noir cents, bub.
        Fortune favors the bold - Virgil


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          Re: SIN CITY

          I enjoyed it. It was pure popcorn and little substance. Wasn't expecting much as far as substance. It is cool to look at. But really, it's as deep as a puddle. Very low on my resonance scale.
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