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    Re: Movies That Put You to Sleep

    1. Lost in Translation

    2. Moby Dick (the one with Gregory Peck) (wow, even after I explained it still sounds like a naughty joke)

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      Originally posted by Jcorona View Post
      But what the heck happened at the end?!

      ...Please help!

      I mean . . . what was the theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      "Every girl's life has its ups and downs"?

      Recently, I found a "Selection" of the original Broadway show's orchestral score, (by Paul Tietjens, and arranged by Hilding Anderson); and, the theme that I was immediately drawn to was the "Phantom Patrol," (this sample starts into the next tune).

      Hollywood distorted the original story, (with a dreadful "it was all a dream" version in 1939), with ruby slippers, (not silver shoes):

      Dorothy now took Toto up solemnly in her arms, and having said
      one last good-bye she clapped the heels of her shoes together three
      times, saying:

      "Take me home to Aunt Em!"

      Instantly she was whirling through the air, so swiftly that
      all she could see or feel was the wind whistling past her ears.

      The Silver Shoes took but three steps, and then she stopped so
      suddenly that she rolled over upon the grass several times before
      she knew where she was.

      At length, however, she sat up and looked about her.

      "Good gracious!" she cried.

      For she was sitting on the broad Kansas prairie, and just
      before her was the new farmhouse Uncle Henry built after the
      cyclone had carried away the old one. Uncle Henry was milking the
      cows in the barnyard, and Toto had jumped out of her arms and was
      running toward the barn, barking furiously.

      Dorothy stood up and found she was in her stocking-feet.
      For the Silver Shoes had fallen off in her flight through the air,
      and were lost forever in the desert.
      Personally, I'd have preferred that she arrived home by another method.

      When she brought it into the Throne Room she spoke the magic
      words, and soon the band of Winged Monkeys flew in through the
      open window and stood beside her.

      "This is the second time you have called us," said the Monkey
      King, bowing before the little girl. "What do you wish?"

      "I want you to fly with me to Kansas," said Dorothy.
      What would Aunt Em have said to that?
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        Re: Movies That Put You to Sleep

        Originally posted by Adam Isaac View Post

        Only film I've ever slept in at the theater in my entire life.

        God, I wish I would have/could have fallen asleep during those painful couple of hours.

        Originally posted by Baby_Neill View Post
        I also was disappointed/bored with the action in 300, but Gerard Butler's abs revived me.

        ...His abs "revived" you? On a side note, "300" is definitely one of the most overrated films of this year.


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          Re: Movies That Put You to Sleep

          Fortean, I am now hole.


          I love you, Reyna . . .

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            Re: Movies That Put You to Sleep

            Originally posted by Jcorona View Post
            I was watchin' this movie one time about this girl who befriended a lion, a tin man and a werewolf . . . and she had a little ugly dog named tonto.

            The girl was trying to get back to Wyoming by clicking her knees together.
            I want someone to make this movie.
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              Re: Movies That Put You to Sleep

              Originally posted by Republic of Stephen View Post
              Lawrence of Arabia has always been a struggle.
              I've always felt that way about a certain English horror film that came out in 2002 called The Bunker. Its a great premise -- basically these SS Nazi soldiers are holed up in an old war bunker -- one by one they descend into madness, as they're plagued by a manical spirit...

              Only problem is, all the German soldiers are English actors, and they all talk in English accents. None of them even try to sound German - that alone, is the reason I've tried to watch it twice, and both times, I've given up after 20 mins or so.


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                Re: Movies That Put You to Sleep

                Any film produced by Revolution Studios, up to and including the atrocious-looking THE BROTHERS SOLOMON....


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                  Re: Movies That Put You to Sleep

                  Originally posted by j over View Post
                  ...His abs "revived" you? On a side note, "300" is definitely one of the most overrated films of this year.
                  Yeah, you're right about it being overrated. There were only two reasons I went to see 300. I like Frank Miller. And I'm the kind of girl that sees every Gerard Butler movie (even sat through Lara Croft).

                  in 300 the action was too slow, and the narration dragged the whole movie down (espc. where characters' "feelings" were narrated, jeez!). Now, I liked the action in Kingdom of Heaven -- just not the script.

                  Peter's Friends is another boring movie I remember. I was really surprised because it had a good cast, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson.
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                    Re: Movies That Put You to Sleep

                    Originally posted by yvonnjanae View Post
                    1. Lost in Translation
                    That didn't put me to sleep. It just made me wish I owned more firearms.

                    I want to meet the judges who decided to give a screenwriting oscar to that flaming piece of shlt instead of Finding Nemo, just so I can ask them what color the sky is on their planet.

                    Originally posted by j over View Post
                    "300" is definitely one of the most overrated films of this year.
                    That's a fact.

                    The writer(s) completely forgot to add a primary ingredient to the script: struggle. Even though the Spartans were outnumbered almost 334 to 1, they had absolutely NO difficulty with dispatching their enemies (until the very end). That made the movie a complete bore.


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                      Re: Movies That Put You to Sleep

                      The 1st Harry Potter is the only near-recent movie I can think of that I've actually fallen asleep watching. Haven't bothered seeing any of the subsequent ones.

                      But I've found a whole mess of others horrifically boring:

                      The Good Shephard
                      Lost in Translation
                      Basic Instinct 2
                      Exorcist the Beginning
                      The Interpreter
                      Nobody Knows (Japanese movie about abandoned kids)
                      Kingdom of Heaven
                      The New World
                      Memoirs of a Geisha
                      The Brothers Grimm
                      Wolf Creek
                      Silent Hill
                      The Ring

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