Movies similar to Cape Fear?



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    Re: Movies similar to Cape Fear?

    What he's looking for is revenge, from the victim of revenge's POV...

    Like RICOCHET with Denzel.

    One of the isues I have with *that* film that I don't have with CAPE FEAR is that Lithgow often does things that are stupid and criminal and just toy with Denzel. In CAPE FEAR Mitchum's character was careful to only do things that were 100% legal. He kills the family dog, and even if he gets caught, at the time the film was made that was probably a fine... and an inexpensive one at that. These things make the character really frightening, because the police are powerless to do anything. The guy hasn't broken any laws... hasn't done anthing wrong. It's Peck's *reactions* that end up being illegal.

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      Re: Movies similar to Cape Fear?

      Originally posted by stvnlra View Post
      Cape Fear is a revenge thriller.

      If I remember correctly: A convict vows to destroy a lawyer b/c he thinks the lawyer is to blame for the con serving time in prison.

      There's a very personal aspect to it. It's not random or done for money. It escalates, involves his family, and the one seeking revenge is the bad guy.

      The Hand That Rocks The Cradle is a good one.
      As is the previously-mentioned The Prestige, now that I think about it.


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        Re: Movies similar to Cape Fear?

        Swimming With Sharks.


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          Re: Movies similar to Cape Fear?

          One of the earliest and most classic stories of revenge is Dumas' novel The Count of Monte Cristo. The most recent film version from about five years ago is quite well done.



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            Re: Movies similar to Cape Fear?

            Ricochet came on the other night, and I thought about this thread.

            This is what he originally posted:

            that someone decides to really ruin someone else's life- financially,
            professionally, and ultimately try to kill them?

            Drama King says: One thing is painfully clear from the comparisons,
            a lot of people on this site have no clue what one of the greatest and
            most iconic movies ever made is about.

            I think everyone has seen at least one of the CAPE FEAR movies and most of us
            have seen both ... obviously, there are not a lot of movies JUST LIKE IT,
            so we expand our definition to fit what he originally posted.

            Did he say he was looking for a movie that matched the structure? Nope.
            He said similar and any of these can stake a claim as similar
            because his definition is broad.

            Does that mean we don't understand CAPE FEAR. Um, no. We are throwing
            out lists of movies where people are trying to ruin someone's life.

            Drama King, which movies DON'T fit those parameters of his original post,
            just so we're clear. crystal.
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