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  • Best Foreign Films

    What are the all-around best movies from foreign territories? Here's a select hundred of them.

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    Re: Best Foreign Films

    Interesting list but there's a lot missing. This is the problem with lists..

    One poster commented on the blog featuring this list that it resembles the Critearon collection, I tend to agree and me thinks this is how people have voted. They've visted the Critearon Collection's website, noted the films and voted on them. Shame, because they've missed a lot of World Cinema out in this list...

    Interesting to look at though..


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      Re: Best Foreign Films

      Wow, as a lover of foreign films I appreciate that list. I've seen about a third of them thanks to Netflix. I would add a few of my own, some more recent than many of the classics on the list:

      - Il Postino
      - The Lives of Others
      - Seven Beauties
      - Before the Fall
      - The Last Kiss
      - After the Wedding
      - Caterina in the Big City
      - Avenue Montaigne


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        Re: Best Foreign Films

        What I've personally seen that I liked a lot

        On that list:

        Run, Lola, Run
        Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

        Not on that list:

        Enchanted April
        Entres Nous - anything with Isabelle Huppert or Miou-Miou
        East, West
        Les Enfantes
        My Father's House and My Mother's Castle (did I get that right?)


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          Re: Best Foreign Films

          A must:

          Jean De Florette
          Manon Des Sources
          "What's worse than being talked about? Not being talked about."