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  • Troy Duffy and The Boondock Saints

    Well, watched The Boondock Saints for the first time the other night... Sure, it's cliched and OTT, but I dug it in a fun kinda way. A competent action flick. And, man, Dafoe's performance blew me away.

    Anyway, what d'you guys think of it?

    Oh, and another thing... What's the deal with this Troy Duffy character? Anyone got and info on him? Why everyone hates him or what he's up to and whatnot?

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    There's a new documentary about Duffy and his "Overnight" success. It's supposed to be pretty brutal.


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      hated it


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        See Overnight. It is pretty clear why no one wants to work with him.


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          Britain has no idea who this mythically Duffy guy is. I'll check that documntery out. Sounds interesting (if a little self propagating).

          I read somewhere that Miramax wanted Brad Pitt and Matt Damon to play the two brothers, but Duffy said otherwise.

          He does sound a little awkward...


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            Crikey, going off that trailer, he seems like a right ***.

            Good luck to him, though. :b


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              Boondock Saints was a hoot.


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                Dafoe was the only thing special.


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                  I disamagree.


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                    Article 1

                    Article 2


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                      Wow. Great articles. Imagine having two guys with a grudge against you making a movie about your fall from grace - especially with 350 hours of footage to play around with. Really, to be completely surreal, you could do a hatchet job on Jesus Christ if you'd followed him around for that length of time. And besides - is being a brain-dead jerk with no manners really that unusual in Hollywood?


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                        I saw this over the holidays. My younger brother-in-law is obsessed with this picture, raving that it was the next Pulp Fiction and it was his favorite movie of all time now.

                        Intrigued, we watched it together - him quoting just about every section of the movie and preempting every 10 min with "this is going to be awesome... I love this part... etc."

                        My POV? There were some interesting moments, sure. DaFoe had some great lines. Other than that - over the top, contrived violence strung together with the kind of plot a fourteen-year-old fantasizes after playing ten hours of Grand Theft Auto.

                        I didn't have the heart to openly pee in my in-law's Cheerios, but he probably got the gist of my opinion when I got up to take a phone call.

                        "Do you want me to pause this?"

                        "That's quite alright"

                        10 minutes later...

                        "Do you want to know what happened?"

                        "They killed a bunch of people and cursed a lot."

                        Mr. Duffy seems a heck of a lot more interesting than his film.

                        Oh, and I hear he's making a sequel.


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                          LOVED IT!!

                          "This guy was their target...the fagman."

                          "The what man?"

                          "The fat man."

                          "Well, that's 2 sound theories in one day neither of which deal with a serial crusher. Kinda makes me feel like Riverdancing!"

                          I would've made this film myself if given the chance. Sure there's complaints, but taken as a entertained me! 7/10


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                            One of the worst movies I have ever seen. The writing was terrible, the directing was extremely bad, even for an amateur. Acting sucked too. There is not one redeeming quality in this whole suckfest.


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                              Todd, I wonder if you'd have a better opinion of the movie if you hadn't been led to expect "the next Pulp Fiction" (and then had the movie continually interrupted by your in-law's narration).

                              It's definitely not the next Pulp Fiction. Nowhere near it. But I thought it was an entertaining, manic, funny crime flick.