Would you have green-lighted AMERICAN GANGSTER?



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    Re: Would you have green-lighted AMERICAN GANGSTER?

    Originally posted by creativexec
    You're only taking into account domestic box-office. Both Ridley and Russell have a strong following overseas. Worldwide and ancilliary markets should put AG over the top.

    The greenlight got Denzel a double pay-day, allowed him to do JULIUS CAESAR on Broadway, and got a few of us a bigger bonus last year. The way I see it, it's all good.

    This was the post I was referring to.

    I'm going to respectfully bow out of the "what-does-it-say-about-Denzel?" discussion since CE has been nothing but a friend to this board and I wouldn't want him to feel he has to defend a business decision ANY of the clients he works with makes.



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      Re: Would you have green-lighted AMERICAN GANGSTER?

      I don't think it speaks badly of Denzel. I think it speaks badly of the people who were in charge of producing this movie & managing the budget.

      When you give someone a play-or-pay deal there's always the chance you have to pay up. They were contractually obligated to give him the money when they stopped production. DW didn't stop the production, somebody else did.

      It was also somebody else (the studio execs) who made the decision to go forward with the R Scott production-- and pay DW again. The studio knew what the deal was in paying DW & they went ahead w/ production anyway. Eyes wide open.

      They took the chance. The studio. They didn't have to. No one forced them. They thought they were making a good business decision.

      And whatever happens now, they have to live with it. But I don't think ill of Denzel for taking the deal-- again.

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        Re: Would you have green-lighted AMERICAN GANGSTER?

        it doesn't make me feel a certain way about him either. nobody forced them to pay him if he got paid twice.

        i just saw the movie today and it was actually a lot better than i thought. the theatre was half full on a Monday at 2pm which surprised me since i figured most people would be at work. mixed crowd. young and old. in fact i saw two old couples in there. demographics seemed very broad.

        i thought all the actors involved were very believeable EXCEPT Cuba Gooding Jr. he made Nicky Barnes seem like a circus clown. I know he was flamboyant but Cuba had me laughing when i wasn't supposed to be.
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          Re: Would you have green-lighted AMERICAN GANGSTER?

          I just saw this movie this afternoon and yes, Ridley indeed knows how to direct. It's not a movie that I would watch twice, but I was impressed with the music, I felt it came at the right time and in the right place.

          The audience in Santa Monica, predominately white, so this movie isn't a 'black' film by any means.