Ugly Characters = Oscar Contenders?



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  • Ugly Characters = Oscar Contenders?

    It is interesting to note that many Academy Award-nominated performances are those in which the characters are perhaps less-than-flattering in the physical sense. Which characters/performances are they missing on that list, though?

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    Re: Ugly Characters = Oscar Contenders?

    Tough to beat Theron's makeover. The female Cape Fear, damn near.
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      Re: Ugly Characters = Oscar Contenders?

      Dustin Hoffman lost Best Actor to John Wayne in 1970.

      Wayne was in 'True Grit' (not exactly attractive), while Hoffman was in 'Midnight Cowboy' (not at all attractive).

      Also nominated was Richard Burton for 'Anne of a Thousand Days' (and he was a fat creep in that).

      There are so many, and most are deserving of praise. It separates the actors from the movie stars, doesn't it?

      The film that really sticks out for me is 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf'. The article mentions Taylor, but the entire cast was amazing. It was nominated for 14 Oscars and won five (along with another 13 wins and 18 nominations from other places). 'A Man for All Seasons' was another huge winner that year, and beat WAoVW for best picture.
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